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Best Alternatives to ChargeBee in 2022

#1 Chargify

Chargify is accounting software that simplifies the recurring billing needs of Web 2.0 and SaaS businesses. With this, you can quickly create innovative applications online without worrying about how you can bill your customers. Whether your business is new or an established company billing thousands of clients per month, the solution can make it work for you.
Its simple real-time dashboard allows easy access to customer information, registration and cancellations. You can increase your business revenue and optimize sales conversations by trying out various subscription plans as well as freemium pricing models. Through this business intelligence tool, your company will make more informed decisions and prioritize what is important.
The best thing about this platform is that it works with several payment gateways that allow you to have confidence in your billing. You can easily accept payments with the branded payment page and with this you can also integrate the API of the tool on your website. This application is developed to make managing your subscription-based business a breeze.
You can send emails, help deal with declined, overdue cases, and automatically charge customers seamlessly. Chargify is a feature-rich solution and comes with all the major tools and features like recurring billing system, business intelligence tools, claims management, billing, and user-friendly interface, etc.

#2 Paddle

Paddle is an eCommerce and subscription tool for SaaS and other software companies. It helps you take the burden of administration and internal complexity off your shoulders. It focuses on new international markets to support, sell and grow its business on a large scale.
Paddle is a unified platform that enables you to create relevant and personal customer reach from the first click to renewal, optimize billing models and build them to work for your business, and provide excellent subscription flexibility to your customers.
It automatically handles the problem like tax fraud and inconsistency, payment problems with SaaS Commerce Platform and manages the collection of sales tax, VAT, etc. On the other hand, it accepts a wide range of payment gateways like PayPal with simple integration.
Pallet’s primary duty is to handle and manage multiple vendors and internal processes like payment, tax, compliance, it is also easy to implement and provides a unified MRR dashboard. Paddle is working with nearly 1,000 business growth companies globally.

#3 Summonedly

Invoicely is a robust cloud-based invoicing solution aimed at freelancers and small businesses. It offers a scalable plan that is free for unlimited bills for unlimited customers. This tool is the third replacement of the Original tool launched in 2012 in order to provide the best online billing service.
The tool has all the basic functionality expected from subscription, billing, and billing platforms, such as payment schedules, workflow automation, merchant account handling, customer information management, and many other features.
Its cloud hosting makes it more efficient and brilliant in ease of use. There is no complexity to creating an account, you need a bit of business information, select your desired payment gateway, set permissions for your team and assign your URL, and that’s it.
Invoicely has powerful integration associated with leading online payment methods, free accounting tools that ensure your payments are on time, providing room for your business to grow, and ongoing tracking of your finances.

#4 Trexle

Trexle is a billing and payment gateway integration solution designed to simplify the facilitation of online payments through convenient integrations using leading shopping carts, online banking channels and payment gateways.
The platform enables online and e-commerce providers to accept payments from around the world, securely store and manage customer data and are PCI compliant. The tool makes it easy for your customers to manage payments efficiently and easily.
Trexle allows for over 100 integrations with the most popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and WorldPay. One of the outstanding features of this tool is that you can reuse your data in the same or in other payment gateways to avoid re-entry.
The tool does not require highly sensitive customer data and never stores the information. Strict data protocols ensure the security of customer information and never compromise customer data such as passwords, bank details, etc.

#5 SageIntact

SageIntacct is a cloud financial management solution that offers a wide range of basic financial operations to support your entire business. It enables you to act quickly to facilitate flexibility changes with deep insights.
The tool includes order management, accounts payable and receivable, and many other features. In addition, it has new modules to extend the functionality according to the needs of your business, except for your industry, from accounting firms to professional and financial services.
SagaIntacct is recognized by AICPA which shows its strong software expertise. Your general ledger makes your entry work easier, less time consuming, and most importantly, reduces financial reporting errors efficiently.
One of the best things about this tool is that it offers many built-in, time-saving, all-encompassing report templates to dive into the data already there. The tool can work closely with websites such as e-commerce in online shopping by providing a secure platform.

#6 SaaSOptics

SaaSOptics is a subscription management tool that provides reliable subscription analytics, revenue recognition, and subscription billing. It is an affordable solution for effective B2B emerging SaaS and subscription companies.
It provides one of the best analytics optimized to track subscriptions like CLV, ARR, Churn and many more. The tool enables you to perform revenue recognition, billing, and reporting efficiently. It brings financial maturity with powerful integration into your emerging subscription business.
SaaSOptics follows the idea of ​​eliminating the reliance on spreadsheets and allowing you to grow your subscription business quickly and seamlessly. Tool’s Consolidated Invoice enhances the user experience by making a multi-invoice payment quickly and efficiently.
Key features of SaaSOptics include claims management, project billing, recurring billing, and enhanced security to ensure customer trust. The tool allows for three pricing plans which are Platform, Training, and Support, including a free demo.

#7 Zuora

Zuora is a cloud-based subscription tool that builds your subscription business. You can handle orders, billing, revenue reorganization, quoting, and other aspects throughout the sum of your customer’s lifecycle. It is powered by six motors in the central to manage the subscription connection.
Zuora’s six-engine structure includes global engine payments, pricing engine, subscription ordering engine, ranking engine, matrix, and accounting engine. These engines work together to provide you with a comprehensive solution for managing your subscription business for every customer event.
This tool allows you to develop your app to handle Zuora integration seamlessly by using its rich library of SOAP and REST APIs. The service portfolio includes SaaS application where RevPro, CPQ, Billing and Zuora Collect are at the top of the list.
By using this tool, you can easily manage relationships with subscribers dynamically. Includes cloud media, education, healthcare, communications, cloud infrastructure, and Internet of Things industries. Facilitate revenue streams with ease, accuracy, and security.

#8 Recurly

Recurly is a recurring billing management platform designed for the enterprise level. It serves many large subscription-based companies like LinkedIn and Hubspot. It is a high subscription management solution that helps boost premium functionality with ease.
It repeatedly claims as the best subscription solution providing user-friendly interface with easy setup and seamless integrations. Various payment gateways increase its compatibility and make it more perfect for business.
Recurly’s core features include setup trails and fees, plugins, automated communication, smart payment routing, one-time transactions, and many others. The tool provides a payment solution with backup gateways to ensure business continuity.
Recurly offers three pricing plans with no contractual pressures and the promise of no additional or hidden fees. It is suitable for web based interface because in web interface Recurly is more secure and elegant. It provides the optimal results that any company requires from the tool.

#9 Billing by stripe

Stripe Billing is a subscription tool that allows you to build and scale your recurring business with subscriptions and recurring payments. It provides you with a comprehensive solution regarding online payments that is ideal for web-based businesses.
The tool uses a cloud-based infrastructure that gives you greater security and scalability. Reduce the complexity of financial processes in e-commerce by maintaining platforms to work with payment networks, regulators and financial institutions instead of your business.
StripeBilling provides you with a scalable solution for your web business and allows you to customize your payment forms, easily embed checkout on your site using single line JavaScript code. Also, the services can be used at any size with a user-friendly interface.
It offers a highly secure payment process without any conflict to avoid risks of fraud and chargebacks. With Stripe, you can manage the Stripe API and Dashboard for fee transfer and refund purposes. Stripe is available to use in various pricing plans, with each plan having its own cost and features.

#10 FastSpring

FastSpring is a platform for software companies that provide online services related to subscription and billing. It offers e-commerce services for software to sell more, the truth of distribution models, and allows subscription and purchases through applications, mobile devices and desktop computers.
It consists of the latest technologies to support databases and electronic commerce with super security. Featured FastSpring services include global online payments, full global tax management including VAT support, financial services, and subscription management with billing.
One of the main features that makes it more exciting is Branded Checkout with dynamic local checkout experience and powerful 3rd party integrations. To ensure customer safety, FastSpring introduces fraud protection services.
By using FastSpring, you can increase revenue, increase efficiency, eliminate complexity, risk, and other factors for business success. If you run multiple stores, you only need a single account for the same interface.

#11 Plate IQ

Plate IQ is simple yet powerful software that provides an accounts payable solution. It is created to help hospitality, accounting, bookkeeping and construction companies automate invoices and other tasks. The software has been uniquely created by a team of experts containing almost all the leading tools and features to make it an all-in-one accounts payable solution.
With the help of this, software companies can automate their daily tasks like creating reports, tracking prices and automating accounts payable and much more. Like most similar software, Plate IQ also comes with an integration feature and integrates with most of the leading business solutions increasing its efficiency and features.
It also offers an easy to understand control panel where you can access all the tools and features. The solution also offers more than a hundred invoice templates. You can freely choose each without any limit. Plate IQ core functionality includes real-time food casting, 3rd party integration, reporting update and much more.

#12 ProfitWell

ProfitWell is a simple yet powerful real-time analytics solution designed for subscription businesses. The software provides deep and customizable company and plan level analytics, including LTV, MRR, and ARPU, making it a comprehensive solution. It is a 100% fee to use the analytics solution and you can access their service anywhere in the world.
The software also provides cohort-level churn analysis and retention reports, monthly and even yearly cash flow breakdowns. It comes with additional modules that support free metrics products to save time and effort. The software has a feature that helps SaaS solutions stop losing revenue by automatically recovering delinquent customers. ProfitWell also has an import and export function to get analysis in a few seconds.

#13 RackNap

RackNap is a cloud service delivery and business cycle automation platform that helps users sell cloud services on their own infrastructures. The platform allows users to access third-party services for the provision of their services in the cloud, such as Amazon, Google, IBM, etc.
Plus, it helps cover all facets of business operations, from sales to marketing to billing and more. The platform comes with a free trial version and a paid version, and its implementations are done on the web or in the cloud. In addition, it helps companies perform performance and capacity analysis and allows them to manage their costs.
RackNap comes with various features such as access control, demand monitoring, multi-cloud management, SLA management, workflow approval, and much more. The platform automates the ordering and provisioning of invoices. Lastly, it can manage inventory and provides constant support to users in their daily tasks.

#14 Intuit Payments

Intuit Payments is online accounting software that allows you to send money from one bank to another and also accept credit card payments. You can send money instantly when it arrives in your QuickBooks Cash account. The software allows you to send invoices with the Pay Now button and receive credit card payments and ACH transfers with an online system from anywhere. Intuit Payments is streamlining business cash banking with free account opening, instant deposit, seamless integrations, cash flow insights and projections, and more.
The platform also provides recurring payments that charge clients monthly, or you can set a required schedule according to your requirements. Now managing cash flow is easy to effectively manage your business finances, forecast your cash flow and get useful information in one place. Intuit Payments offers the billing service with an integrated payment process for secure transfers, accepting the correct payments and receiving payments more easily. The other vital features are eCommerce, invoice templates and generators, mobile rates, point of sale, faster deposits, and more.

#15 Apprise ERP

Apprise ERP is a platform that helps companies keep their teams connected, data flowing, and products moving for efficient business operations. The platform comes with import and distribution features that enable teams to grow their business and meet customer demands on time.
Its solutions are based on the industry and offer such practices to companies to improve their operational processes along with performance and profitability. The software requires no additional plugins and comes with built-in tools such as retail tagging, RFID, and other features for businesses to improve usability and security.
Additionally, its supply chain management solution allows employees to remotely manage the warehouse and all other inventory tasks. Apprise ERP helps employees manage purchase orders, shipments, and vessel tracking, and allows users to optimize the availability of their inventory. Lastly, sales teams can learn about customer forecasts, sales trends, and inventory status.

#16 Aloha POS System

Aloha POS System is a platform that allows users to manage their restaurants with a powerful POS system to manage their orders and payments efficiently. The platform offers a robust restaurant management platform with personalized customer support services. It enables restaurants to retain their talent and manage the pace of technology and stay current.
The solution offers fixed and mobile POS stations to users for fast service to bars and restaurants. It allows users to get free training support and suggests sales tips. Additionally, users can compare the KPIs of their multiple stores and can understand mixed product trends over time.
Aloha’s POS system can retrieve daily and monthly labor cost information and alert users for immediate attention. Lastly, it automates kitchen scheduling and helps restaurants manage and track payments and aids in menu management.

#17 Zap Payment System

Zap Payment System is an innovative platform that comes with an automated workflow, allowing you to receive instant payments from your customers through a simple checkout process. The software enables secure payments to be made between consumers and merchants through existing mobile banking applications.
Zapp gives consumers direct access to get money into their existing bank accounts with real-time payments and is making payment processing more manageable, secure and efficient, with payment transfers to millions of merchants. At the same time, Zap remains a wholly owned released subsidiary with an independent location, management and board.

#18 sevDesk

sevDesk is a software that allows users to create their invoices and automate their accounting processes. The platform allows users to document their files digitally clearly and quickly, and its accounting software creates an excess income invoice for users. Furthermore, it allows users to develop interim VAT returns through it directly.
The software allows users to create professional invoices and print them with a single click. Additionally, users can use its scanning feature to scan the invoice and save it in the system, helping to digitize receipts. It stores all essential data automatically and a booking category is automatically suggested.
sevDesk allows users to cancel any invoice at any time and send their customers reminders of unpaid invoices. Lastly, its online banking system allows users to retrieve transactions directly from the bank account to this software, and users can manage a cash register for all entries.

#19 Flo2Cash

Flo2Cash is a cross-border payment solution that enables businesses around the world to receive recurring payments via credit and debit cards. No IT configuration required; users can simply start accepting payments through its cloud forms and it allows them to pay online, by email or by phone, however they want.
The platform allows users to set up a donation page and they can share the page link on their website, while donors can donate to them from anywhere via bank accounts or credit cards. Flo2Cash actively keeps incoming donations moving to the charity account, while donors receive a confirmation email with the receipt of the donation. It comes with an installment payment feature that allows customers to spread out their payments over a long period.
Flo2Cash allows businesses to have a membership feature on their websites and provides payment solutions. New members can sign up on the website by paying with their credit or debit cards, and Flo2Cash can transfer the money to the association’s account the next day. Furthermore, the platform allows users to pay their bills through their phone or desktop and saves time. It also provides users with card expiration reports and detailed transaction lists. Flo2Cash is a payment platform and customer support is available online.

#20 Vindicia

Vindicia is a subscription billing platform that allows users to convert customer loyalty into royalties. The platform offers users to gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue with its data-driven insights and underwriting intelligence. It comes with three products i.e. Vindicia Subscribe, Vindicia Retain and Subscribe Plans.
It saves customers from billing hassles, makes billing complexity less visible to customers for higher retention, and increases customer relationship longevity. The subscription lifecycle allows users to attract more new subscribers with the freedom to launch and refine offers, while allowing them to support all the pricing and payment options customers want. It also allows users to align their subscriptions with changing demands for pricing, campaigns, and promotions.
The platform helps users resolve failed transactions and, through its cloud-based platform, allows users to connect to its processes and meet their needs anywhere. Some of the key features of the platform are subscription billing and management, customer retention, subscriber lifecycle management, churn calculation, and business model optimization. The platform comes with paid services and customer support is available via email and phone.

#21 Bluefin Payment Systems

Bluefin Payment Systems is a payment gateway solution that provides the ability to record payments directly and efficiently reconcile them with ease. It is an integral solution that allows transactions of electronic checks, debit, credit and automatic cleaning of the house on a regular or unique basis. It supports small business, but also offers some services to large financial institutions and companies.
It has cloud-based implementation and is available on desktop platforms as Web-App. Bluefin Payment Systems is a leading provider of PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions that detect tampering for device security, strict controls for encryption keys, manage PCI P2PE certified devices with a built-in chain of custody feature and implement the solution in the POS environment to reduce PCI assessment.
Key features of Bluefin Payment Systems include payment tokenization for credit card data and PCI compliance scope reduction, seamless direct postpaid processing, EMV credit card authentication, P2PE professional services and many more.
It has payment data iFrame that encrypts data with programmatic control and reduces PCI scope for merchants. It offers secure payment plans to upgrade POS transaction, online payments, debit card support, recurring billing and many more.

#22 Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution is a modern ERP solution that provides a platform that offers support for all aspects of your operating environment. The software gives you full leverage to have more agile financial management and gives you the ability to deal with your customers, employees and potential providers. Sage Evolution is a profitable way to deal with all financial situations in the processes of large companies.
The software also provides integrated support for all finance teams to have agility in the payment process through multiple channels. Sage Evolution maintains all your complaint needs and reduces all vulnerabilities for activity management so you can take a holistic view of your business with creativity in mind. Multiple features are offered: lower cost of ownership, simplified reporting, improved customer-vendor relationships, increased productivity, and more. Also, it has several supported plugin modules such as branch accounting, municipal billing, manufacturing, procurement, alert management, fixed assets, serial number tracking and much more.

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