The 10 best warehouse management software

Do you need warehouse management software? In this article we recommend the best programs for inventory control. Discover the tools (free and paid) that can help you in your business, whether you have a small warehouse or larger facilities.

What is a WMS warehouse management software?

A warehouse management software or WMS is a program designed to automate all the processes and operations that are carried out in a warehouse. Its functions include stock management, input and output control or unit location management.

The 10 most used Software programs for Warehouse Management

There are numerous programs to manage warehouses. Some are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have a large volume of stock. Others are much more complete and closed tools, which allow the management of much larger inventories. Below we show the 10 best warehouse management software, separated between free and paid programs.

Free (open source)
One of the options is to bet on free warehouse management software. They are usually more limited programs and aimed at SMEs, although many also have the advantage of being open source or open, that is, the code can be modified to add new modules or functionalities.

Stockpile is a warehouse and inventory management software designed by Canvus and specially designed for small and medium businesses.
It has the typical functions of inventory managers, such as stock management, updating of inputs and outputs, location of elements or reporting of damaged products.
In addition, it has very interesting features, for example it is one of the few warehouse management systems that does not have a limit of items, users or locations. In addition, it offers free help and support.

ABC Inventory
ABC Inventory is software derived from another paid program, Almyta Control System, designed by Almyta Systems.
Like Stockpile, it is a program recommended for medium-sized companies, and it allows you to upload an unlimited number of products to your database, and add as many work centers as you want. Data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel, Word or in html format.
However, this promotional license does not grant the right to receive advice or support, either by phone, email or online.

Right Control Lite
This warehouse management software is the small business version of RightControl. However, as its creators claim, it is not a cut version of the original program, but simply software adapted to the needs of smaller businesses.
In addition, RightControl Lite is a tool that allows you to control more aspects of the business, apart from inventory. For example, it has sales or contact management modules.
This software can be used absolutely free for 30 days. Once this period of time has expired, it will be necessary to register in order to continue using it (registration is free).

Zoho Inventory
In this case, it is an online inventory manager that has various professional plans. Among them there is a free version that, obviously, is somewhat more limited than the rest.
The free version of Zoho Inventory allows you to add 2 users and manage a warehouse. It also includes stock management or integration of eCommerce and Shopify modules.
If you need a more complete tool you can choose one of the other options. The Basic costs 39 dollars per month, the Standard 79 euros/month and the Professional can be purchased for 199 euros. Of course, this latest version allows you to add 10 stores, 20 users and integrate 5 stores in Shopify.

ZhenHub is a program designed by the Chinese company of the same name that can be used for free once registered. It allows you to select between different warehouses, integrate it with eCommerce solutions or automatically manage shipments.
It is worth noting that ZhenHub does not only have software tools. In addition, it offers storage solutions thanks to the fact that it has 17 warehouses in 8 countries, and a parcel delivery service.
On the other hand, there are payment warehouse management programs that are usually more focused on companies with a larger number of stocks and more complex inventory control. Let’s take a look at some of the more reputable ones.

Easy WMS is a warehouse stock management program that has outstanding features. Among others, it allows product identification by radio frequency, 3PL management, inventory management by categories, etc.
It has two installation modes, designed to adapt to scalable businesses. On the one hand, you can choose SaaS mode, in which case it will be accessible in the cloud. On the other hand, if the on-premise mode is chosen, it must be hosted on the warehouse’s computer equipment.
Note that it also has a free version that can be downloaded from the website itself, called Easy Mecalux Basic.

Generic WMS
Program designed by Generix Group that offers solutions for storage, goods reception and returns, truck yard management, stock flow and even packaging.
According to its creators, Generix WMS can optimize warehouse space by 20%. In addition, it ensures a 30% increase in productivity and a 40% reduction in delivery times.

Reflex WMS
It is a program designed by a company with 20 years of experience in the sector and implemented in more than 1,000 stores around the world.
Reflex WMS is a WMS software compatible with other types of programs, such as ERP, e-commerce, TMS or CRM. In addition, the latest advances related to inventory management can be added, such as voice or radio frequency systems, robot and drone management or automatic mechanization.
It has several versions: Reflex SaaS is designed to work as a cloud service, while Reflex WMS for factory is designed for industry 4.0. Finally, Reflex in-store is more geared towards stores and businesses. From the Reflex Logistic Solutions website you can request a free demo of any version.
Now it is a WMS program that automates the tasks of the warehouse, allowing advanced inventory management.
Among its capabilities is the possibility of controlling all the internal movements and flows of the warehouse, in addition to blocking merchandise. It also allows you to prepare orders, label products or prepare future storage forecasts.
In short, this software, like the rest of the programs on the list, is designed to save costs, simplify and automate operations, and reduce the chances of errors when shipping goods.

What is the best WMS program for Warehouse?
It wouldn’t be fair to pick just one program as the best WMS software for warehouses. All the applications that we have talked about are tools that will be very helpful for managing your warehouse. Instead of choosing a “winner”, we prefer to tell you what the best SGA program must have.
Easy to use and intuitive. The warehouse manager or any member with access to the program should quickly understand how it works.
Adapted to the business. Software to manage the warehouse of a clothing store is not the same as one intended for industrial complexes in which there is a very high production or large volumes of stored stock.
Scalable. The WMS software must be able to provide the necessary solutions as the business grows.
Focused on the logistics aspect. ERP software is more aimed at comprehensive business management and can incorporate basic modules for warehouse management. However, an EMS program must be entirely focused on logistics and storage issues.
In real time. It is essential that it allows the management of stock or inventories in real time, to know at all times what the situation of the warehouse is, where the products are, the space that is free, etc.
Manager of resources and workers. A good warehouse management software should allow you to assign tasks and resources based on the needs of each moment.

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