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11 Best Email Verification API for Your Product

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels to reach your target audience that can resonate with your product or service.
According to Statesman, the total number of email users worldwide was 3.9 billion in 2019, and that number is estimated at 4.48 billion in 2024.
And that number is almost half of the world’s population.

It is indeed fascinating!

Hence, it is a clear indication that email marketing is a great opportunity not to be missed. If you have a business and need to take this opportunity to reach your customers to increase traffic, improve engagement and increase sales.
However, you may have found that sometimes your email marketing efforts don’t produce the desired results.

What is the reason for a Email Verification API?

Well, the reason can be many, including the quality of emails. If your email list consists of fake email addresses, spam traps, etc. will result in poor deliverability.

Is there a solution?

Yes, one way to solve this problem is to use an email confirmation solution.

What is an email confirmation?

Email verification checks that an email address is correct, valid, and deliverable. And that’s exactly what an email verification tool does. It is responsible for checking these aspects. The software uses techniques such as syntax checking, available address detection, domain checking, etc.

Why do you need it?

Marketing teams always make a point of building their email list. However, there is a chance that all of these emails are incorrect.
Continuing to send emails to the wrong or invalid address will result in higher bounce rates. Not to mention ISPs might treat your email address as spam. Therefore, all your emails will go straight to user’s spam folders and no one will ever read them.
But don’t worry if you have an email checker by your side!
If you’re building an email-related product or website, it’s imperative that you integrate it with an email verification API.

It opens a huge door to possibilities including:

Reduced bounce rates

Email verifiers show you detailed results. You can view undeliverable, fake, role-based addresses so your messages go where you want them to go. With this information, you can remove unnecessary addresses to reduce bounce rates.

Clean email list

You can use the email API to validate email addresses to remove the invalid addresses. All you have is a clean list of only the real people you would like to engage with.

Improve email deliverability

If you know useful email addresses in your list, you can only send email to those users. This means that the percentage of emails delivered to the correct inbox increases. You can now compare past results to the current result to see improvements in email deliverability.

Reduce costs and save time

Storing and sending emails involves costs and definitely time. You know how difficult it is to collect that email list, maintain it and send a personalized email to each of them.
By filtering out emails that are not useful or incorrect, you can only send emails to real people. This saves time and costs.

Protects your reputation

As explained above, sending emails to invalid addresses for some time can result in ISPs and ESPs potentially considering you as spam and blacklist your domain.
In this way, the reputation of the sender deteriorates. However, with the help of email checkers, you can prevent these mishaps and continue sending messages to your target audience without the risk of recipients marking your email address as spam.
Ultimately, email verifiers protect your sender reputation.
So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best email verification APIs for your products.


Abstract Email Verification API is a developer-centric email validation API used by 100,000+ startups and companies including Shopify, Stanford, and Payoneer.
Their API verifies an email’s deliverability by performing multiple checks and returning them in a JSON format. It contains the following.
Abstract is one of the APIs that is both GDPR and CCPA compliant as no emails are stored.
You can use the abstract API for a variety of use cases, including:

And many more…

They offer the biggest free plan on the market with up to 500 free requests per month. Their paid plan starts at just $9 per month.


Check if an email address is valid or not Hunter. It shows the deliverability of an email address with detailed validations as well as a trust score.
Hunter displays multiple levels of validation, including format, mail server response, and domain information. It also shows how it compares to its unique base of over 100 million professional emails. You can use Verifier to verify emails in bulk. This means you can check your entire email list.
The email validator connects directly to an SMTP server during the email validation process without sending emails to users. Different types of checks Hunter performs are format check, gibberish, disposable and webmail emails check, MX records, acceptance domain SMTP check, and many more.
You can choose the free plan with 50 requests or opt for paid plans that start at $1000/month at 49 requests. The paid plans include full results with domain search exports, multiple Gmail connections, and priority support.

mailbox layer

Mailboxlayer is a JSON API for email verification and validation. It is loaded with advanced tools like syntax and typo checking, filtering of available and free email providers, SMTP verification, email quality verification, and deliverability ratings.
This tool is simple and its URL structure is easy to integrate. It uses JSON format which is again lightweight and secure with 256-bit HTTPS encryption. As soon as an e-mail lands on your system, you can check its validity right there.
Mailboxlayer is linked to multiple regularly updated databases containing email providers, separating disposable and free email from individual domains. The API has typo checks, reflects numeric values, and offers suggestions for displaying email quality. This way you can filter genuine emails from abusers.
Mailboxlayer API facilitates JSONP callbacks and offers JSON formatting to improve email readability. Quality values of 0 and 1 are displayed. 0 is for bad and 1 is for good. It reflects the quality and deliverability of the email address.

Email Hippo

With Email Hippo, you can quickly validate email addresses in your list while analyzing 74 data points for each of them. It’s a perfect option to integrate with your email-related products as it provides real-time results and generates a unique trust score – the Email Hippo trust score.
You can use it to filter online registrations, update databases and clean up your CRM systems. Get better control of your email list by finding “catch-all” emails with low open rates.
Protect the sender’s reputation by removing emails blacklisted for spam. This email inspector can also identify domains that charge gatekeeper fees to ensure emails reach their intended destination. It helps you better segment your data by giving you information about the mail system in question so you can improve deliverability and engagement.
Email Hippo can detect role-based emails, which generally have a low open rate compared to named addresses. It also checks MX records to increase the scope of email deliverability along with greylist and gibberish email detection.
With Hippo, you can even detect domains with dark web links. Locate mail servers to filter out scammers and verify sales leads. You get a comprehensive dashboard with reporting tools and custom layouts, and downloadable detection summaries.
Email Hippo provides results from multiple data points and helps you create workflows effectively. It also checks syntax errors in real-time, allowing you to create and send alert responses. In addition, you can also determine whether an email address is a personal or a business email, which is useful for your marketing efforts.


Debounce is an enterprise email verifier compatible with most programming languages. This cloud-based solution is suitable for both bulk and real-time email validation.
DeBounce can take care of your email verification needs, even if you have a company with a huge email list or are a single developer who wants new users to sign up for your new application. They offer end-to-end services that cater to all your email verifier needs. It promotes easy integration and scalability. Minimize bounces and invalid emails from your list with SMTP checking.
DeBounce can check catch-all domains and one-way emails. Emails with invalid syntax and duplication can be removed immediately. It is equipped with anti-grey listing technology to reduce unknown emails.
Its intelligent spam trap indicators can eliminate spam records in no time. You can add your team to DeBounce account for collaboration. You’ll also get domain verification for email addresses with a Parked, Invalid, or Inactive status. The API checks whether the emails contain valid MX records or not.
Enjoy powerful integrations with multiple ESPs, forms, and platforms including HubSpot, Google Sheet, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Drip, WordPress, CovertKit, WooCommerce, WP Forms, Zapier, Stripe, Ontraport, Shopify, and many more.


Enjoy better delivery rates using real-time API – SendGrid to identify and remove invalid emails. It is based on machine learning and tactics suitable for mailbox providers to improve delivery.
SendGrid can identify corrupted, disposable, inactive, non-existent or approved emails. By connecting the API to your lead capture forms, you can spot incorrect entries immediately. You can also ask visitors to resubmit the forms according to the suggested fix without additional fields for confirmation.
SendGrid does not use malformed SMTP handshake. This is a spam tactic that many providers use to verify email addresses. They maintain mailbox providers’ trust by supporting only the senders.
Their machine learning algorithms inform you about the validity values of email addresses, so you can identify which ones fall into the “good email” category. The ML model they use is trained on 60 billion email data per month and maintained and built by their data scientists. In addition, they protect your data by complying with the GDPR.
SendGrid also has email templates with conditional formatting and HTML rendering. It also offers SMTP service and allows you to test performance against spam, inbox rendering and link validity.


Mailgun runs three-step validation checks on your email addresses. This includes checking the emails with the mailbox provider. Also, emails are checked in a custom grammar set by the ESPs. Mailgun integrates grammar checks with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. into the email validator.
Mailgun gives you a higher Sender Rating, giving your domain names and IP addresses a positive reputation. It can also catch errors and detect bad addresses to eliminate the possibility of delivery problems. Once you integrate the API into your signup forms, it can start cleaning up your email list.
You can expect reduced bounce rates as the checker removes misspellings, disposable emails, and temporary addresses. It is capable of validating over 200 million addresses per month. It performs a mailbox check to confirm whether the mailbox exists in the target domain or not.
You get a reporting dashboard that allows you to track validations by the hour and day while also finding specific data on email addresses and API call types. You can enable rate limits for API key validation to prevent abuse and manage costs.
Apart from that, you can also check roll-based checks and non-returnable PO boxes. Mailgun offers up to 30 days log retention with full details of sent emails. Get advanced email analytics to measure your marketing efforts.


WhoisXML API’s API can check the validity, existence and quality of an email address. It performs detailed real-time validation of newly registered users’ emails, reducing bounce rates and blocking spam.
The API validates the syntax of emails against IETF standards. It does this by running a syntactic email validation engine. It also checks profanity, typos and whether an email address is available or not from 2000+ service providers like GuerrillaMail, 10MinutesMail, Mailnator, etc.
You can verify the existence of mailboxes using emulators and mail servers by checking the MX records. Check whether an email address can receive emails from multiple addresses or not.

Zero Bounce

Get a 360-degree view of your emails with ZeroBounce, covering 30+ status and sub-status codes.
You can track the overall health of your email review with a comprehensive dashboard. You get daily or monthly reports where you can also choose your time range to view them.
The dashboard can show four different types of detailed reports on each status code. It contains interactive charts with points you can hover over to get information. You can also click a substate or state displayed in the legend to filter the chart and view the data you want.
Integrating the API into your application or website is effortless. It only takes a few lines of code and you’re ready to take advantage of this lightning-fast API. You can also use the API sandbox if you want to test your email validation code implementations.
The ZeroBounce API can easily detect and remove spam traps, abusive addresses, and misspelled domains from your email list. Therefore, you can control spam complaints and protect IP reputation. It has used artificial intelligence to build a rating system that can generate quality ratings of email addresses.
The API can be used with SDKs like .NET, Python, PHP, Swift, Java and more along with different platforms like Gmail, Drip, GetResponse, Facebook, Excel, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, Magento and many more.
Geo-redundant servers are used for availability. ZeroBounce uses anti-greylisting technology that provides accurate results. It can also identify the gender of some emails based on first names. You can download the results from the system if you wish.


It is quite difficult to use many products at the same time and to apply them one after the other. The active ingredients cannot all be absorbed at the same time and the skin is eventually overwhelmed. The result could be skin reddening and intolerance. Trumail verification via email is straightforward. You just have to do a GET request. Three formats are now supported – JSON, XML and JSONP with a callback query parameter.
The API was written in Go and was developed keeping in mind that it offers a user-friendly and simple solution for developers and companies. Anyone can use the Email Verification API to filter their email list and reap its holistic benefits.
Make better decisions about who to email with real-time, accurate results. First, enter the email address you want to verify, click the button next to it and wait.


Reacher is an open source email verification API. It’s written in the performant Rust language, which makes it fast: currently, it takes an average of 1.9 seconds to perform a real-time email scan.
The API comes with decent documentation. However, you can also try Reacher’s JavaScript SDK for bulk validation. Reacher’s business model is a SaaS subscription. However, since it is open source, there is also an option to host the service yourself.
For personal use, Reacher offers 50 free email checks per month.


Email marketing is always green, and to make the most of it you need to have a clean email list with fewer or no invalid or spam emails. Use any of the verification APIs above to integrate with your products for better deliverability.

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