20 percent extra discount until midnight: Amazon warehouse deals in the final sprint

As part of the Easter offers, you will only receive an extra 20 percent discount from Amazon Warehouse today: Many returned items and used products are sold again, some of them significantly cheaper, until 11:59 p.m. Bargain hunters should hurry, because stocks are usually not very large. We show you a few bestsellers from the campaign.

Amazon's warehouse deals are sold off

The deduction or price adjustment takes place automatically at the checkout in the last step of the ordering process – you do not have to enter a code. While the offer doesn't apply to the entire Warehouse range, there are still some bargains to be found here. You can find out more details and conditions about the promotion on Amazon's specially set up offer page.
The extra discount on the Amazon Warehouse deals is valid until Wednesday April 13th at 23:59 or while supplies last. It is not uncommon for only one or a few copies of the product to be sold. Below we have selected a few greatly reduced bestsellers for you.
Secure Amazon warehouse deals now 20 percent cheaper

Popular products in Amazon Warehouse deals

Price / performance

Very good Satisfactory Poor

Specialist editors evaluate the products advertised by retailers based on qualitative criteria.

Warehouse at Amazon: Returned and reduced

Warehouse Deals: Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Image: Amazon

Warehouse deals are Amazon's B-goods, so to speak. As a rule, these are returns from shipping – but often also new goods whose packaging was only damaged, for example during transport to the warehouse.
Amazon specifies a condition category and a brief condition description for each warehouse deal. You can usually buy goods in the "Very Good" category without hesitation, and the goods are often still in their original packaging. Issues such as "small scratches on the side" are noted in the description. For one or the other product, they are definitely worth the warehouse deals.
In the categories specified on the campaign page, you can now push the already reduced price even further during the Easter specials week and save even more money on top of that.
Secure Amazon warehouse deals now 20 percent cheaper

Amazon Warehouse: Renegotiation possible

Of course, you also have a right of return with the Amazon warehouse deals. If you do not like a product you have ordered, you can usually send it back without any problems.
In this article you can find out how good the condition of the used products actually is.

Now save 20 percent on Amazon Warehouse Deals

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