3 Best Free And Paid Is Google Page Speed Insights Good API

The importance of having a good speed for your website  is known by everyone. For this reason, there are hundreds of tools that offer to speed up your website. Everyone knows that when a site has a bad speed, you lose money because it is not comfortable to browse it. On the contrary, when the speed is good, it is very interesting to see it.
Google has announced that high-quality content is the best way to obtain high rankings. This means that if you want to be on top of Google, you must prioritize the speed of your website. You must make sure that it does not have errors and that it does not load poorly and that it corresponds to the keywords used in the search. On the other hand, you should be able to create high-quality content, which is a factor that can determine whether your site will receive more visits or not.
Therefore, detecting a site’s speed and quality can be very useful for developers and companies. For this reason, many APIs have appeared on the Internet in recent years to be able to help you with this task. If you work in a company or are developing a web project, it is very important to know how your site or those of your competitors are doing, so that you can improve them or optimize them from day to night if necessary. 
Be able to run an extensive analysis of your page speed with this API. Ideal to know about your page performance.

You can check Page Speed Analyzer API for free here.

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