3 Best Free And Paid Npm Fitness Calculator API

The following calculator APIs are intended to help you estimate your ideal weight, body mass index (BMI), lean body mass, and more.
Depending on the information you provide, some of them will offer more accurate results than others.We have chosen the best three programs that provide their services for a modest fee, as well as for free.

1- Ideal Body Weight And BMI Calculator API 

This API provides you with information about your ideal weight and BMI using a simple registration and one API call. The user must enter their gender, height, and weight to receive this information. Ideal Body Weight And BMI Calculator API is a simple and efficient way to determine your ideal weight and body mass index. The user simply needs to enter their height, weight, and gender to receive a detailed report. 2- BMI CalculatorFrom YourHeight.netThis calculator uses the NHANES III data set to calculate your BMI percentile based on your height and weight. The “Your Height” website is maintained by the National Center for Health Statistics. Users can compute their BMI with this online program based on their height, weight, and age. This program accepts both feet/inch and meter unit measurements. The website will notify you if your BMI is underweight, normal, overweight or obese with a color-coded chart in addition to your percentile ranking. 3- Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator by Zyla LabsWaist-to-hip ratio calculator by Zyla Labs calculates your W/H ratio based on your waist circumference and hip circumference measurements. This calculator is intended for both men and women who are at least 18 years old. W/H ratio calculator by Zyla Labs helps you determine if you have an apple or pear shape. This calculator enables you to be aware of your body measurements as well as the advantage of having a healthy W/H ratio to improve your health and well-being.
These three websites provide useful checks for users wishing to maintain their health or increase it since they let you know if your weight has any problem, if it is proportional or not with your height and allows you to measure waist-hip ratio through your waist and hip circumference in inches or centimeters. 
Use 7 different Fitness Calculators with one API! Ideal Body Weight And BMI Calculator API will give you all that information by entering only your gender, height in feet/inches and weight in pounds. All other services are included in the same API call!
Use 7 different Fitness Calculators with one API, Find “Ideal Body Weight”, “BMI”, “TDEE”, “BMR”, “ABSI”, “Waist-hip Ratio” and “Body Fat Percentage”.

You can check Fitness Calculator API for free here.

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