3 Best Free And Paid Text Moderation Ai API

This article will tell you about a text moderation API that will help you do all of that.

The Importance Of Using An API For Any Company 

Any business that wants to be able to provide the best experience for their consumers needs to implement an API. This way, they are able to filter any kind of content that could appear on their own platforms. This is because, as we all know, a lot of content could be rude, improper or just not suitable for some people to see. An API that allows you to moderate any type of content is what we call a text moderation API.

How Text Moderation API Works

Nowadays it is very common for companies to use an API that connects several kinds of platforms. The main reason behind this is the fact that it allows them to communicate with other applications and services in order to retrieve and send data. And that is what a text moderation API does just like the majority of them. They can filter any image or post on your website and make sure it is appropriate and safe for everyone who visits your site.
There are many instances in which using an API can be helpful, let’s talk about three of them: 
1) To filter out text messages that contain inappropriate or offensive language. 
2) To filter out comments on your website that contain vulgar language or insults. 
So, now that you know more about how these APIs work and how they can help you and your company, I recommend you start trying one. We have listed below our top three suggestions but also introduced another option so you get an even wider perspective on what an API can offer you. 

3 Best Free And Paid Text Moderation APIs For 2019

1) Text ModeratorAPI: A Top Rated Text Moderation API In 2022 

This moderation tool can filter out any type of improper content in any kind of image or post thanks to its sophisticated AI. This tool has a simple but enough to do its job right way, which is getting a URL and then retrieving the result in the form of an JSON object
Be able to detect any improper words in a given image. Be able to filter any unwished content on your platforms.

You can check Text Moderation in Images API for free here.

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