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Get To Know About User Agents API

A user agent is software that identifies itself (its user) and is usually defined in the header of an HTTP request or response. Browsers and APIs are two examples of user agents. A website may use a browser to access the API’s server and, in turn, send data using that browser’s user agent. The API may then use a different user agent to transmit information back to the website via HTTP.

The internet is full of devices that request and send information from servers using a unique identifier known as a User-Agent string. In most cases, these requests come from web browsers, crawlers, and other software that can be identified by their unique identifiers. They may also come from bots (a form of automation software).

Check Out What Is A Bot?

Bots are computer programs that visit websites autonomously with the goal of collecting and processing data. Bots typically generate automated actions, such as liking content on social media. Bots are frequently used in marketing campaigns to generate large volumes of content quickly.

They may also be used to interact with users, such as asking them to take a survey or engage in a competition. In this regard, it may be difficult to distinguish bots from human users because these software programs can mimic human behavior.

Therefore, you must be able to identify bots in order to protect your website from their malicious activities. To do this, you should use a bot detection API.

Virtaal User Agents

The Virtaal User Agents API will allow you to identify if an agent is a bot or not. This will allow you to protect your content and users from unwanted behavior by bots.

This API is based on the IP whitelist method. This means that you must first define a list of authorized IP addresses before you can start checking user agents. This approach is practical if you want to allow only those users who are already established users of your website or if you want to exclude third-party bots.

Why Should I Use This?

The Virtaal User Agents API will help you identify users on your site who are using bots or other automated systems rather than human visitors.

If you have ever wondered how many visitors come to your site through automated systems like bots, this is the tool for you. The speed
This API will allow you to detect any Bot, Crawler, or Spider via their User Agent. Prevent malicious behavior on your applications!

You can check Bot Detector Via User Agent API for free here.

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