3 Easy To Use API Does YouTube Cost Money

But creating a channel does not end there, because in order to maintain it you need to pay for YouTube services. These costs usually appear when an account accumulates views or subscribers. 

How do these charges work? 

There are three types of services offered by YouTube: ad monetization, channel memberships and live streaming. These services are made available via packages or plans that can be purchased by entering the settings of each channel. The cost of each service depends on how many people are accessing the channel and how much they are using it. 
Live streaming services, as their name suggests, allow users to broadcast live events online in real-time through YouTube or Google+. They work like traditional TV or radio programs and must be scheduled in advance so that viewers know when they
Get Videos details, playlist data, channel information, and get suggested videos with simple queries.

You can check Youtube API for free here.

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