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Tesla vehicles are only available with an electric motor and contain a rechargeable battery. This battery must be recharged regularly to ensure that your Tesla can operate properly. You can charge your Tesla’s battery at home or at public charging stations known as superchargers.
Tesla’s charging stations are called Superchargers. They are a type of electric car charging station that provides extremely high levels of AC power to Tesla vehicles. They allow you to recharge your vehicle’s battery in as little as 20 minutes, which is significantly less than other types of chargers.
The Supercharger network is one of the biggest advantages of Tesla electric cars, being the only model that can use it and provide fast charging (in less than an hour).
The charging of electric cars has always been a tangled matter because they are designed to last longer than gas engines, which makes it a difficult task to convince the population to change their habits and stop doing so much damage to the environment. There are many countries that are banning gasoline and diesel engines, in order to achieve this goal.
Tesla was born trying to solve this problem and put an end to the traditional car as we know it. The American company has put itself at the forefront with electric vehicles that work with batteries, which you have to charge in a different way than gas engines, but more efficiently and with fewer emissions.
The Tesla Supercharger network plays an important role in this, since it allows its vehicles to be charged in 20 minutes, which is much faster than any car on the market today. That speed does not come without problems, because you need some type of general agreement for all power companies in each country to provide their power for these types of vehicles.
This kind of agreement is extremely difficult to obtain, since all these companies have different rates and tariffs; therefore, this has not been achieved until now and each country has had its own supercharger network for Tesla cars.
This situation has led Tesla to develop its own network of Superchargers throughout many countries, which have allowed users to learn how to use them efficiently and effectively. However, in some regions, the population has not accepted this type of service and there have been problems with the networks. The most common complaint is that they are too expensive and users prefer public chargers or even go back to gas engines.

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