3 Easy To Use API How Do I Verify An SSL Certificate

Be able to access the results from anywhere in the world. This article will show you the best tools available to verify an SSL certificate in just a click. Most of them work in a very easy way and offer valuable information about the host you want to research. 

Why is it important to verify an SSL certificate?

Securing data is paramount in today’s digital world. This is why we see more and more websites implementing HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). HTTPS is a secured version of HTTP, and it can be used on any website. If a site is using HTTPS, you will see a padlock symbol next to the URL, usually in the form of “https://example.com”. 
When you check a website’s HTTPS certificate, you are essentially checking that it is who it says it is. This process of verification is known as SSL certificate verification or SSL Certification Validation. 
The SSL certificate verifies that the site is who it says it is by proving that it has a valid SSL certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). This process verifies that communication between your browser and the website is encrypted and that no one else can decrypt it. 
Without doing this verification, your data would be more vulnerable as it could be intercepted by third parties. This would lead to data theft and multiple cases of identity theft, which are growing very rapidly in recent years. 
So, if you want to keep your information safe and secure, make sure you do this simple process before visiting a new website. The tools we are going to show you below will provide in-depth information about SSL certificates to help you make an informed decision before visiting a website. 

3 Easy To Use API:

SSL Certificate Checker APIAvailable at Zyla Labs, The SSL Certificate Checker API from SSL Labs provides a quick way to check any SSL/TLS connection to make sure it is secure. It returns True for secure connections and False for non-secure connections. It also returns a score (between 0 and 100) that quantifies how secure the connection is, so that you may prioritize your efforts where they are needed most. You can retrieve this information for any domain using a straightforward API call. This API offers a full breakdown of the characteristics of all certificates involved in the TLS/SSL handshake, including the certificates supplied by the server and those validated by the client (the user’s browser). TLS
Be able to verify and validate any SSL certificate present on a website. Receive extensive information about the host

You can check SSL Certificate Checker API for free here.

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