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Businesses are categorized into industries so they can be easily identified. These categories are constantly revised as the business world moves on. The most recent categorization schemes are based on the SIC and NAICS systems. The former, which is obsolete, is based on the Standard Industrial Classification. The latter, which is more detailed, is based on the North American Industry Classification System.  
What you need to know about industry codes is that they are classified under the industry codes (SIC). A business may have just one code but may also have many codes for different products or services. You can do a search based on one or more of these codes. In doing this, you will have a larger number of companies to choose from.  
You can also do a search using the NAICS codes. This code uses a three-digit industry classification (called a code), and each digit has a meaning that corresponds to the economic activity it represents.  
Use this API to quickly retrieve information like name, address, phone number, website, tags, and images related to a firm. In addition to the data mentioned earlier, you can also use this API to get information on the company’s employees, its products and services, and its financials.  
What technologies does this API support? It can be used in virtually any programming language as it is RESTful and JSON-based.
What are some common uses cases of this API?  A business directory API is useful for anyone who needs to quickly retrieve information about numerous businesses at once. This API is ideal for marketing teams who want to create a database of businesses for their sales team to contact in order to expand their client base.  
It is also ideal for creating a directory website where users can find information about businesses in a specific area. Because it’s so incredibly simple to use, this business directory API is perfect for beginners who want to get started with web development!  

Relevant Businesses

Business Database API

This API allows you to gather all of the information you need about any business you want in just three simple steps: Register Sign up for an account Enter the business’s name or URL into the search bar Products supported include: Phone number Operating hours Categories Services offered Addresses Website URLs EmailsImagesMore information from Link Below!  

Business Database by Zyla Labs Inc

Use this Google Chrome extension called Business Database by
Search businesses based on your queries and required location, and receive a list of businesses that match that search. Also, get additional information like phone number, address, business name and categories, website, emails, and more.

You can check Local Business Data API for free here.

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