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It's time for new startups again! Here are some very young startups that everyone should know about. Today we feature these startups: Pronary, Goldfinch, tagtu, CryptoSpaceFleet, askui, Summ, Pionix and dstack.ai.

Thursday April 14, 2022ByTeam

deutsche-startups.de is once again presenting some young startups that have been launched recently, i.e. in the past few weeks and months, as well as companies that have recently woken up from stealth mode. By the way: There are even more new startups in our Startup Radar newsletter.


Pronary from Darmstadt, founded by Artur Propp, Veysel Didier Kocamer and Seifeldin Elbarbary, is a no-code analysis software for production data. The company writes: "The software enables companies to analyze their production in an uncomplicated and intuitive manner and thus to continuously optimize their production".


The young company Goldfinch, founded by Nil Basdas, Natalia Sastoque, Marvin Kröhl and Anurag Gupta in Frankfurt am Main, relies on software that supports suppliers in integrating drones into their fleets. Logistics companies should thus have the opportunity to offer a CO2-neutral means of transport.


tagtu from Berlin, which was founded by Michael Friedrich and Maxim Kahlert, wants to optimize business trips. "We build a SaaS platform helping companies and business travelers to better evaluate, plan and optimize business trips to travel wisely, deliver more on your trips," says the self-description.

CryptoSpace Fleet

Behind CryptoSpaceFleet is an investor club on the subject of cryptocurrencies and NFT. “Every owner of the NFT gets access to the club and the money raised is invested in fresh projects. Most of that investment goes back to the owners of our NFTs.”


askui from Karlsruhe, which was founded by Jonas Menesklou and Dominik Klotz, takes care of the automation of UI tests. The website states: “Bring vision to your code and automate any technology and any use case by automating operating systems instead of applications”.


Summ brings itself as a kind of "Google Translate for easy language". Any text can be entered via the platform and it will be translated in simple language. "This is how we help companies and the public sector to communicate information in an easily understandable and inclusive manner – fast, cheap and scalable".



The young company dstack.ai from Munich, which was founded by Andrey Cheptsov, relies on a developer platform that is intended to enable companies to "train deep learning models in an agile, collaborative and reproducible way".
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