9-euro ticket on your cell phone: show it in a flash with tricks

Buses and trains are finally affordable for everyone and there is a local transport flat rate with the 9-euro ticket. However, you do not necessarily have to delve deep into a mobile phone app for a ticket inspection. There are quicker methods of showing the €9 ticket.
Imagine the following situation: You are traveling in a well-filled regional train and the tickets are being checked. An elderly gentleman across the street has been waving his 9-euro ticket while you’re frantically typing around on your cell phone, first calling up your local transport provider’s app and then looking for exactly where the ticket is hidden. In addition, an identification document must also be presented.
This can take time and is fiddly, you hold up the business and the older gentleman shakes his head knowingly about the lame new technology. Sure, if you keep your paper ticket and ID in your hand the whole time, you can show everything quickly. But there are also various ways of getting the 9-euro ticket to hand more quickly on a mobile phone.

Use quick access on Android and iOS

Tapping the app icons a little harder and holding them longer opens handy menus.

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Many apps where you can buy the 9-euro ticket give you quick access to tickets. With the MVG Fahrinfo app, for example, you simply press a bit harder on Android and iOS and a menu opens that takes you to the ticket display more quickly.
With the DB Navigator, you can also get to the ticket overview a little faster this way.

On the iPhone: use the app with wallet support

The BVG Tickets app can easily slide the 9-euro ticket into the Apple Wallet.

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If you bought the 9-euro ticket in DB Navigator or in the special app 9-euro-ticket, you cannot bring it directly into Apple Wallet. DB Navigator supports the wallet in principle, but not for the 9-euro ticket. The 9 euro app completely lacks wallet support.
Other apps are better positioned here: The BVG Tickets app, for example, can export the 9-euro ticket directly to the Apple Wallet. Since it doesn't matter where you buy the 9-euro ticket, you can also get it from the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. You will then find an "Add to Apple Wallet" button there, it couldn't be more convenient.
If you have already bought the 9-euro ticket for June elsewhere, the tip might still be of interest for July and August.

Only half-baked: With a helper in the wallet

We only get the QR code in the wallet, the ticket number becomes a jumble of characters.

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But what do you do if you bought the 9-euro ticket in an app without wallet support? You can tinker and get help, perhaps from an app like Pass4Wallet. Unfortunately, we do not achieve convincing results with this. The QR code ends up in the wallet, but the remaining information is a jumble of characters, name or ticket ID does not appear.
That doesn't look very convincing, you might get problems with one or the other control.

Tinker widgets

You can place the 9-euro ticket on your home screen as a widget.

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Another self-made option is to take a screenshot of the 9-euro ticket in the respective app and place it on the home screen using a widget. Widgetsmith, for example, is a solution for iPhones. Android users can go to KWGT Kustom Widget Creator.
The procedure is the same for both apps: Get a large widget on the home screen and store the screenshot of the QR code of the 9-euro ticket there. During the check, the QR code is scanned, which should be clearly visible along with your name.

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