A video door entry system with two cameras and artificial intelligence: this is the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual


The manufacturer of security systems Eufy has presented in Spain its new goalkeeper with a double camera and an artificial intelligence system.

7 March, 2022


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Home security systems are becoming more and more common. Most people opt for a monthly subscription system or for their own system managed by them, without having to pay month to month. This is what invites you to create Eufy, the security subsidiary of the Anker company. We were able to review two cheap geofencing cameras months ago, in addition to the eufy SoloCam E20.
To begin with, we are facing a system with a double camera, which allows us to control not only who is at the door of the house, but also if there is a package on the mat. The latter is relevant because with the increase in online shopping, many times we cannot pick up the packages at the moment.
The design of this product seems intended for American houses with an unfenced front garden, but it is also practical in flats and houses in Spain.
In addition to the cameras, it has temperature and movement sensors to avoid false positives when alerting us. Obviously, it has a microphone and a speaker to be able to talk to the person on the street.

Connection with Alexa and the Google Assistant

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