Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2022: Nine Latino Tech Teams Are Ready to Create Next-Generation Apps

During the first week of March, Apple held its first Entrepreneur Camp dedicated to Latino developers, where nine teams from the United States, Brazil, Guatemala and Portugal received various types of training to create the next generation of cutting-edge apps.
Created in 2019, the lab initially supported female founders, and seeks to help app companies founded and led by developers of minority origin groups. Last year the program for African-Americans was introduced.
During the labs, participants receive one-on-one programming guidance on their app from Apple experts and engineers, along with mentorship and advice.

“Cuca Catch” Brazil

This team launched "Cuca Catch", a dynamic game that uses users' facial expressions to help Cuca, Brazil's most iconic witch, create potions and the team is made up of Matheus Kulick, Theo Caldas and Kassio Veras, with a app that sought to promote Brazilian culture and folklore.

Charms: Play, Learn & Grow United States

Falou Brazil

This team made up of Gabriel Santos, Vitor Marques and Matheus Medina, after having meetings in English, realized the difficulty of conversing for those who had studied the language but had no experience speaking it.
For this reason, they created an app that helps people talk better quickly with interactive travel simulations.

"Gamma Fighter" United States

With this retro game that serves as an homage to 80's style titles like “Space Invaders” and “Galaga”, developer Jorge Briones decided to “inspire” other people to learn programming.

Brazil Memory

Sinq: Your Fitness Companion Portugal

This team developed an app that uses a dinosaur-shaped character that acts as a motivational friend for exercise, and they are currently planning to launch more challenges and group activities.
It was created by Apple Developer Academy students Matheus Fogiatto, Rodrigo Giglio and Daniela Aires dos Reis.

Tripify Brazil

With his app Alexandre Morgado wanted to solve a problem, to have a travel app, so with the help of his developer friend Thiago Imolesi they created Tripify, which allows collaborative planning of trips, managing expenses, saving memories and even recording places visited.

Wakeout! Guatemala/United States

Designed to get users out of their couch or chair and into short movement sessions, Wakeout seeks to take a creative approach to movement therapy.
This app received an App Store Award in 2020 and since then the team of Andres Canella, Pedro Wunderlich and Dmitry Ivanov have added more exercises and created a similar platform for children.

Yoga Wake Up United States

In the case of Yoga Wake Up, it is an app designed by Lizzie and Joaquín Brown with the aim that beginners and people with chronic health problems can practice yoga as part of their routine.
With this, they encourage friendly interactions between instructors and the community, offering more than 365 audio yoga sessions to do from bed.

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