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TestimonialsFor this new series, journalist and director Stefania Rousselle sets off on the roads of France, with a simple question: “How are you? This week, Alexandra Gorlin, 42, who works in events, in Ménilles, in the Eure.
“My husband and I used to play EuroMillions every week on the Internet. We had a subscription and, every five weeks, we had to renew it. I couldn't remember the identifiers, so I go to my husband's mailbox – I had his codes – and I come across a message from a woman who… bothers me. I look if there are others, I open all the folders, and I end up opening that of the deleted messages. And there is the disappointment. I was able to see live the emails that my husband and his mistress were exchanging. He was a soldier and, six months a year, he was on a mission. And there, in Afghanistan, he had fallen in love. A French nurse. “We will be good together in your vineyards with your daughter.” "I took an apartment in Evreux, I'm going to leave my wife." He has returned. I told him. And he broke down in tears. "It's you that I love." In front of me, he took his phone and left her.
“My cat's name is Lucky, which means luck in English. Lucky, because we were lucky enough to find each other. I've had it since early December, it was my Christmas present so I wouldn't be alone. I'm already thinking about the day she's going to die, and it makes me miserable as hell, I love her, she keeps me company and she's a real presence. » Alexandra Gorlin, 42 years old. STEFANIA ROUSSELLE FOR “THE WORLD”
But I was no longer happy with him. I had been alone for years. Raising our daughter alone. Alone to go to family celebrations. Often, I said to myself: “So this is life? It's sad." But I had resigned myself. I was married. We weren't getting divorced. It was like my parents, they were together, but not super happy. Loyalty is what kept me going. But I couldn't trust him anymore. I filed for divorce. We've been married for eleven years. He took off his wedding ring after two days. Three days later, he was on dating sites. We slept apart and, on weekends, he went to see the girls he had met on the apps. I found a hotel bill for 300 euros once.

Work, freedom

At that time, I was not working. I was a housewife. I was completely dependent on him. That was also why I wasn't leaving. But, yes, I got there. I looked for work and found it. My first salary, I remember, was synonymous with freedom. I barely earned 10 euros per hour. I had become a mystery investigator. I was going to 'secretly' control company employees. The client gave me a brief, told me all the questions I needed to ask, and I pretended to be a normal client. I remember going to a Peugeot dealership to check if the sellers were wearing their badges or weren't smoking in the car parks. With Interflora, it was great, because you had to have a bouquet of flowers delivered, so I had it delivered to my mother for her to enjoy. I had to ask him if the delivery guy was okay, if the bouquet had held up. There was also the SNCF, where I had to buy a train ticket. But it was complicated for me to do this work. I'm too nice and I couldn't criticize them.
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