BahnCard 25 at half price: Secure your annual ticket now for only 30 euros

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With the BahnCard, ticket prices can be significantly reduced. With the BahnCard 25 by a whole 25 percent. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Deutsche Bahn is reducing the price by almost half: 30 instead of 56.90 euros for the annual subscription – or 60 instead of 115 euros in first class.

Get a BahnCard 25 with a huge discount

With the current fuel prices, many commuters and holidaymakers are considering switching from cars to trains. With the BahnCard, you can save a lot when buying tickets, but up to now the card has only been worthwhile for frequent travelers or those who use it regularly. The anniversary offer should make the decision easier: Until April 30, 2022, you will receive the BahnCard 25 at a special price of only 30 euros instead of 56.90 euros for journeys in 2nd class or 60 euros instead of 115 euros for 1st class.
The anniversary BahnCard grants you a 25 percent discount on the flexible price and the savings offers for long-distance transport. For example, you only pay a total of 90 euros for a ticket that normally costs 120 euros and you would have literally recouped the costs after the first trip. In contrast to the regular trial subscriptions, the anniversary card is a fully-fledged BahnCard that is valid for twelve months.
For example, if you are planning a city trip or visiting friends by train this year, you should definitely not miss the offer.

Order your anniversary BahnCard now

The only catch: the anniversary BahnCard 25 automatically converts to a regular BahnCard subscription after twelve months, unless it is canceled in writing six weeks before the end of the term. If you keep an eye on the deadline, you can save money and nerves with the Deutsche Bahn discount card (keyword: traffic jams) – provided the train is not late.
Speaking of saving money: the BahnCard can also be used as a digital version in the smartphone app – the plastic card does not have to be carried with you.

BahnCard 25 at a bargain price

This month



BahnCard 25 in the anniversary offer2. class for 30 euros instead of 56.90 euros1. Class for 60 euros instead of 115 euros Valid for twelve months (no trial subscription!) 25 percent discount on flexible prices and savings offers in long-distance transport
The anniversary BahnCard is really worth it if you are planning a train journey in the next twelve months or would like to switch to the train in general. However, the special offer automatically turns into a regular annual subscription at the applicable price after the term has expired. The notice period is six weeks.

30 euros 56.9 euros

To offer

Deal runs until April 30, 2022

BahnBonus: Collect points with every journey

Deutsche Bahn

With the BahnCard 25 you not only get a quarter discount on long-distance transport tickets, but also a discount on local transport, which means that the BahnCard 25 is also worthwhile for commuters. There is also the "BahnBonus" points program, which you can take part in: Simply collect points by booking with Deutsche Bahn and exchange them for rewards with partners or Deutsche Bahn – for example free travel or seat reservations.

To the BahnBonus point program

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