Be sure to keep the receipt: This is how you get your expenses from Rewe, Aldi & dm back

Shopping in supermarkets, discounters & drugstores is becoming more and more expensive. But if you keep your receipt and use the money-back campaigns offered by the brand manufacturers, you can get a lot of money back with a few tricks. We'll show you the most exciting offers that you can currently get from Rewe, Lidl & Co. completely free of charge.
With a little effort, you can save a few euros on your next purchase. Because in many grocery stores it is possible to have the full purchase price of various branded products reimbursed. This is done with various discount campaigns, special offers and coupons.
We've been looking for the best current offers and don't want to withhold them from you. Feel free to take a look at the tables below – we have compiled the most exciting promotions for you here.

Get groceries for free: How it works with cashback

Free groceries: Get money back after shopping with a little effort.

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Our first cashback table is about free groceries. Below you will find a detailed list with all the necessary information on how to get the promotional packs for free and how to get your money back after purchase.
Drugstore & Cosmetics: All of this is available for free online
Also available for free from time to time: Various cosmetic items.

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You can also dust off many drugstore and cosmetic items for free. We have put together the best free offers for you. Among them you will not only find shampoo and conditioner balm, but also detergent and toilet cleaner.
Incidentally, manufacturers use such cash-back campaigns to increase customer satisfaction. You have certainly heard the saying "Money back if dissatisfied" and indeed: Many well-known manufacturers do offer this service. If you would like to test a product without obligation and you ultimately do not like it, you can get your money refunded via the offered method.
Free shopping: This is how the money-back system works
In the self-experiment we got the money back in all cases. Here it was parmesan, chocolate pudding and chips. The refund can sometimes take 3-4 weeks. In the table above, we offer you a direct link to the redemption page for found free promotions and list the validity period. Please be sure to observe the respective redemption conditions so that you do not overlook any stumbling blocks.
For example, some products are free in case of dissatisfaction, here you have to provide a short reason for the refund. If you don't feel like disclosing your bank details, you will occasionally find free campaigns where this is not necessary and the product is handed to you directly in the store or the product can be ordered free of charge on the Internet. However, that is rather rare.

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