Best Aws Image Moderation API For B2B Companies

Hence, B2B companies can use this API to filter any offensive content that is visible in their products. 
Furthermore, it is an excellent option for companies that carry out services that involve explicit content. If you are for example working for an airline company and are constantly exposed to any kind of incident that may endanger the security of the flight. For instance, if you had to screen the name of a passenger instead of clicking on his or her ticket number and there was any reference to drugs or terrorism in that name. 
This would be an excellent tool for you to use! Another great reason why you should integrate this API into your daily procedure is because it filters any adult content from an image and returns a result of either “safe” or “unsafe” objects. 
You will be able to quickly and accurately filter out any offensive material from your images returning a percentage between 0.01 and 0.99, being closer to 0.99 the most strict moderation level. 
What Is The Best AWs Image Moderation API To Use? Image Moderation API From Zyla Labs Is The Best You Will Find! 
This Image Moderation API, specifically developed for use on the Amazon Web Services platform, allows you to detect and filter any type of inappropriate content in the pixels of an image programmatically. The Image Moderation API employs a deep learning system to automatically recognize and classify objects in images before blocking them from being uploaded to your website! 
It also has a simple JSON format for sending data requests and receiving results, making it exceptionally user-friendly and easy to use! This Image Moderation API is your best bet for quickly identifying potentially harmful or offensive images! 
How Does It Work?  Well, it is quite simple really! In fact, this Image Moderation API offers you two different options for filtering your images: using a detector with a confidence score and using a filter with a strictness level. 
If you choose the detector option, you will be provided with a confidence score between 0.01 and 0.99 (where 0.99 indicates
Be able to recognize any violent situations present in an image you pass to this API.

You can check Violence Detection – Image Moderation API for free here.

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