Best Check Domain Creation Date API In PHP

This API is the ultimate instrument for marketing teams and SEO professionals. By determining the age of a domain you can tell how much attention it has been receiving.

What does the domain age API do?

This API will check if a domain is live, what kind of technology it is made of, its name servers and much more. And in case the domain you want to check is not available, this API will tell you that as well.
Moreover, you won’t have to worry about if your business’ domain is compatible with your marketing or not. It’s a simple and effective solution. 
Any kind of domain can be checked using this API, whether it be local, national or international. You can use it with confidence on any kind of business or industry. 
All you have to do is sign up and then start using it right away! You can get the information you require by just entering the domain you want to check. That’s all! 
What’s great about this API is that you can also retrieve some extra information about the domain name chosen. You can ascertain whether the domain is risky, whether it uses secure connections (https), whether it has an IP address and if it is a dynamic domain. As a result, you may be certain that when you make security-related decisions based on the data obtained from this API, you are making the most appropriate choices for your company. 
Other than that, when building a modern PHP website the Domain age API has everything you need to ensure success. This cutting-edge technology makes it simpler for developers to create dynamic websites and applications. PHP developers may use this software to create dynamic websites and applications using an intuitive interface and robust feature set. Indeed, PHP developers will recognize many common language constructs in this language after just a brief introduction; hence they should be able to start coding quickly in no time at all! Additionally, PHP programmers can take advantage of a rich library of classes for connecting to a wide variety of servers, interacting with files on remote servers, and parsing HTML pages into well-formed XML data structures. 

A third party may also assist us with: 

Looking up informaiton stored on a remote serverParsing and manipulating HTML pages into XML data structuresConnecting to databases on remote servers with SQL queries etc.. 
Many PHP developers report they frequently prefer writing code in PHP because they don’t need to deal with
Be able to determine the age of a given domain with ease. This API will give you information about how old the domain is.

You can check Domain Age Checker API for free here.

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