Best Dog Breed Classification Keras API In Javascript

What Is The Javascript API?

This Javascript API is a breed detector that provides you with the information you need in just a few seconds. This is an amazing tool that can be used by anyone but especially those who have a pet database which needs to be organized. It will allow you to establish new categories based upon dog breeds and make the sorting process more efficient. It will also help you with marketing your company. If you work with dogs, this could be an excellent addition to your business and marketing strategies.  Not only will you be able to classify your database but you can also do it in just a matter of seconds with this API!

Which Javascript API Version Should I Use?

There are some different options for you if you are asking which Javascript version this API works with. Firstly, there is the latest version which is not only user-friendly but also easy to use and comprehend. Secondly, there is the legacy version which has been improved with more security features and better efficiency. Thirdly, there is the beta version which is still under development but has been optimized with even simpler methods of use.
The Different Capabilities Of This API Will Blow Your Mind!
This API will allow you to recognize the dog’s breed within a picture. Be able to sort your image database by breed.

You can check Dog Breed Classification API for free here.

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