Best Extract Keywords From Reviews API In Node.JS

The API, which allows you to extract keywords from reviews and make them a basis for your product positioning strategy, operates in Node.JS. This is due to the fact that it is a JavaScript environment that allows developers to use simple and efficient programming languages.

What Is Node.JS?

Node.JS is a JavaScript environment created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 that allows developers to create web applications using JavaScript on the server side as well as on the client. Its slogan was “JavaScript everywhere”, which led to increased use of this programming language in other areas such as operating systems, device drivers, and even robotics.
The biggest advantage of Node.JS is that it enables developers to write code in JavaScript, a programming language that is easy to read and understand. Since the code is asynchronous, it runs outside of the browser and is highly scalable. Because of this characteristic, Node can handle tens of thousands of concurrent connections without performance degradation. 
In addition to being a Java virtual machine (JVM), Node also has built-in modules that serve as libraries for web development to speed up the process of creating web applications. It is supported by Google TraceMonkey and V8 engines, which compile and run JavaScript code into machine code before executing it. 
Check Review Texts API To Extract Keywords From Reviews 
Review Texts API is a tool from Zyla Labs that works with Node.JS because it deserves your attention due to the large volume of data generated by customers and potential customers on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, among others.
First, it must be said that this API allows you to analyze user-generated content (UGC) and extract keywords from reviews so as to better position your product in the market, allowing you to get ahead of your competition and stop wasting money on wrong or inappropriate keywords that do not respond to what your customers really want when searching for you online using keywords or phrases they use when talking about your products or services. 
Be able to get the most relevant words and expressions from a text. Discover the main topics in any text.

You can check Keyword Extractor API for free here.

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