Best Google Address Validation API Free In PHP

Web developers have to be able to recognize if an email address is valid or not. It also has to do with the security of the system. For example, if a developer is creating an app and wants to send it to a customer, it would be difficult to know if the email address provided is correct or not.
Even though it is not the same, this applies to any user of a system who registers their data. It makes the work of developers easier if they can easily validate data in an automated manner, saving time and improving the user experience.
This is why programmers need tools that allow them to validate data easily. This is especially important when dealing with blockchains or cryptocurrencies, where users need to enter their addresses correctly in order to successfully send or receive money.
There are many APIs that help web developers create better systems that are more user-friendly, but not all of them can check emails or wallet addresses. That is why you need the best one available in PHP, since it is the most used programming language for web developers.

Validate your data with this API!

If you’re a developer who needs to validate user input, you’ll find this handy validation API helpful. Users may enter data in various formats and this API will help you ensure that it is properly formatted before you process it. Every JSON object must contain a required “type” field that identifies its data type. Through this API, you will be able to validate all kinds of data, including addresses and emails.So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and find out how it works!
1. What is the best way to test if an email address is valid?
2. What is the best way to test if an IP address is valid?

3. What is the best way to test if a URL is valid?

Validate any kind of data!

If you want to check if your users’ information is correct and if they entered it correctly when creating accounts on your website; or if they entered their payment information correctly when making purchases online; this API will be a great tool for you! 
Validate email addresses; URLs; IP addresses; and many other types of data with this versatile API! 
It works great for developers that want to protect their systems from hackers or for people who want to create a password vault system for their users! It even supports route validation! 

This API offers a wide

Be able to verify if a given wallet address is valid with this API. Support for more than 15 chains.

You can check Crypto Wallet Address Validator API for free here.

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