Best Handwriting Detection Python API In NodeJS

In this article, we will go over the Best Handwriting Detection API in NodeJS to integrate into your company’s website. Find out more about it!
Application Programming Interfaces have become essential for companies worldwide. These tools are going ot impact your business in a positive way. An API is a technology that allows communication between different software components. This works by exchanging data in a standardized format; both of them are able to understand the data they receive because they both use the protocol language as a ‘bridge’. Hence! The API is the chief engineer behind most of the features we use daily on social networks, blogs, and websites.

What Is A Handwriting Detection API?

You probably have heard about OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology. As a result, you may have heard about handwritten text recognition APIs too. Well, these tools scan images and documents and then organize them into collections based on various attributes. Such as metadata or content analysis!
For instance, a handwriting text recognition API is an Optical Character Recognition tool that can extract handwritten words automatically and provide them in JSON format (JavaScript).
This API uses OCR to detect any handwritten words in a picture and it will provide the text in JSON format.

You can check Handwriting to Text API for free here.

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