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The process of license plate recognition is capable of detecting and reading license plates in real time, with remarkable speed. A great tool for businesses such as tow trucks and heavy equipment companies is the HDView License Plate Recognition API, which uses artificial intelligence to recognize all United States license plates. If a vehicle has been stolen, the tow truck can use this API to check whether it is stolen before transporting it. 
Another way to use this API is to create a database of stolen cars that can be accessed by B2B companies or legal authorities. In this way, stolen vehicles can be identified and apprehended at checkpoints. The HDView License Plate Recognition API is very simple to use and is available in a variety of programming languages. 
Artificial intelligence makes this massive analysis possible. The model works with the help of deep learning algorithms, which are trained on millions of manually labeled images of license plates. They are then able to recognize different variations on these basic templates. 
Important: For legal reasons, you must declare your use of this API in your terms of service. If the police stop you and ask for your database, you’ll have proof that it’s for legal purposes since you declare it! The best part is that you can get your own key by registering with the HDView License Plate Recognition API and subscribing to one of its plans (starting at $24.99 per month). You will also receive a unique combination of letters and numbers that will allow you to access our API endpoint. All you need to do is enter the plate number (without dashes) in the Authorization header, along with your updated key! That’s all there is to it! 
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Also published on Medium.

License plate recognition involves capturing photographic video or images of license plates, whereby they are processed by a series of algorithms that are able to provide an alphanumeric conversion of the captured license plate images into a text entry.

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