Best How Do I Check Domain Availability API In PHP

The best tool to find out if a domain is available for purchase is a domain availability checker. A PHP web based software that allows you to check the availability of any domain. And, as a result, displays whether the domain is available or not. Additionally, its age, and other details. 
A server with PHP (or Hypertext Preprocessor) installed is able to run the PHP scripts. It is a programming language that is frequently used to develop websites. This programming language was developed in the early 1990s and has become the most common option for web development. Although it is not the only language used for this purpose, it is the most frequently used because it offers remarkable advantages over other languages. 
To determine if a domain is available and able to be linked to a website, you can use a PHP script. This will make it possible to check whether there are any issues with your domain registration or hosting provider before you actually have to do this on the Internet. 
There are a few things you should keep in mind if you wish to build a PHP script that tells you whether a domain is available or not: 
The domain must be tested for its availability before anything else. It must be proven that the domain has been registered for at least one year – this has nothing to do with its actual age but with its existence on the Internet. 
It must be determined if it is possible to connect a website to your domain name by using several popular web server platforms, such as Apache and IIS, in addition to your website. 
Using the PHP Get Domain Info API, you can determine the age of a website, whether it is secure, and who its host provider is. In addition, you can obtain specific technical information about any domain, such as its IP address and host configuration, as well as its WHOIS data. Finally, you can use this API as an aid in developing your own URL database or as an instant search tool for your favorite URLs. 

Here’s how:

To check the availability of a domain using this API just follow these simple steps: 
1-Click here to go to the Zyla API Hub Marketplace website.2-Click on the Domain Availability Checker tool to learn more about it3-To begin, choose the Domain Availability Checker tool from the list of APIs4-To prove that you are not a robot, fill in the CAPTCHA box5-At last
Use this API to check the availability of a certain domain. Be able to retrieve its age as well and if it’s available for purchase.

You can check Domain Availability Checker API for free here.

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