Best How Do I Create A QR Code Programmatically API In Goland

Are you looking for a way to increase your marketing strategy? Do it trough this new and useful API. Read this post to know all about it.  As you probably already know, a QR Code is a 2D barcode that allows you to store and link to information such as URLs, phone numbers, or contact information.  However, this type of code was not originally intended for human interaction.  It was created back in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso. The name “QR Code” comes from the fact that it can be read by means of an electronic device such as a “quick response” camera.  The first time they were used was in the automotive industry. They were used on Toyota vehicles to store information about spare parts between workshops and constructors.  Furthermore, in the 1990s, Japanese newspapers began using them to save space in their articles.  This is why nowadays we can find them on almost any item of daily use, from CDs and DVDs to business cards and book covers.  Its development has not just been for better reading capability but also for smaller size and resolution rates. Therefore, the first QR codes had a size of 150×150 pixels and a resolution of 150 dpi. As technology improved, its size became smaller still, going from 76×76 to 43×43 pixels (square). Today’s standard QR codes are sized at roughly 20×20 pixels with a resolution of 400 dpi (dots per inch). This indicates that QR codes in garments can sometimes be seen more clearly with the naked eye than with a smartphone. A QR Code generator is a tool that allows you to create your own QR codes programmatically without having to include them on your pages manually every single time you want to use them. This is useful if you want to create personalized codes for your business instead of using generic codes from different software providers. In this way, you will gain brand recognition and increase your marketing strategy level. This is not the case when creating them manually because there are so many options that the viewer hardly notices they are personalized. Here we will show you some options to create one programmatically and hope that one of them is what you are looking for. The first thing we recommend is this API called Create your own QR Code Generator API which will help you to create personalized QR codes in no time at all and with great user-friendlyness on its end. First of all,
Create personalized QR codes for your business with ease.

You can check QR Codes Generator API for free here.

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