Best How Do I Find SIC Codes API In Java

These are some of the most important steps that must be followed when using a SIC code API. We will explain how they work and which is the best API to use. 

What is a SIC code?

The acronym SIC refers to the Statistical Identification Code, which is a unique six-digit numerical code assigned to each type of activity. This code allows you to classify businesses according to their main activity, regardless of the legal form or ownership structure of the firm. The code is used by Spain’s tax administration for statistical purposes and for the proper collection of taxes. This way we can get more data about companies and their performance in specific industries. 
There are over 30 SIC codes, grouped into ten major categories: Agriculture and related industry; mining; manufacturing; construction; transportation and related services; public services; health services; educational services; hospitality and related services; and personal services. This information is useful for companies to categorize themselves and have access to industry-based reports. On the other hand, it gives us more data about the economy of a country. 

How does a SIC code API works?

It is an application programming interface that consists of an extraction system whose main function is to provide structured information about companies based on their SIC codes. You will be able to retrieve lists of companies related to these codes, their names and their locations in a specific time range. These are extremely common APIs since almost every company wants to get access to this data. 

What is the best SIC code API in Java?

We will tell you about the best option available in the market, it’s called Get vincode SIC Codes API and its performances are outstanding. You can retrieve any SIC code you want using this tool in just a few seconds. The following section will tell you how it works: 
First of all, sign up and acquire an access key. With this unique key, you will be able to access the API endpoint.Second, enter the company’s domain or name as a parameter in the documentation.Third, check out the answer by selecting the subscription option if you want it in JSON format. You will receive a list with basic information about all those companies that are related to that code. For example, their names, addresses, phone numbers, and more information you can use to identify them easier from others.This tool works with Artificial Intelligence so it can provide you with constant
Be able to retrieve a list of top companies that are related to any SIC code of your choice. Also, get additional information about that companies.

You can check SIC Codes LookUp API for free here.

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