Best Image Moderation API Free For B2B Companies

Anybody who is in the B2B sector, initially, must be aware of the fact that there are numerous dangers that can arise in the work environment. Evidently, they must take all the necessary measures to ensure their security and that of their co-workers. 
The company is the place in which many people with different opinions and interests work. This means that some situations may arise in which conflicts increase and many problems arise. This happens because of the diverse opinions different people have and they also have to adapt to a new place and to each other. 
In this sense, you could find someone who might not agree with your project or suggestion, which makes them see you or your company’s management as a threat. In these cases, we understand why it is so important for B2B companies to implement these kinds of APIs that help detect weapons in images. 

What Is An Image Moderation API?

An Image Moderation API is a technological tool that allows you to quickly and without human error detect whether an image contains offensive content. From these kinds of APIs we can say that it is something like an image scanner or detector API but with artificial intelligence that allows it to analyze visual content. 
With one API call, our system will scan the image and return a result indicating whether it contains any prohibited content. The image will be scanned for adult content (pornographic, violent, or extremist), illegal drugs or weapons. Image Moderation API will automatically return results if the image contains prohibited items. 

Is There A Free Version Of This API?

Yes there is a free version for reasonable use without any limitation of 50 requests per month. But even more than that, this Image Moderation API has a paid Pro version with more requests at an affordable price. It only depends on your need and budget! What’s more important is the quality of this tool and how practical it is. It gives you total security at work! 
What Is The Best Image Moderation API In The Market?
Image Moderation API is one of the most practical options for companies who want to keep their workplace safe with events like shootings and attacks. Your team will appreciate it as much as your customers! But we’re already talking about it, this Image Moderation API detects all kinds of weapons: guns, knives, swords… In addition, it also detects drugs and alcohol on images. Functionality offers the most important elements: 
Be able to recognize any weapon in an image you pass to this API.

You can check Weapons Detection – Image Moderation API for free here.

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