Best Image Moderation API Free In PHP

We have prepared a list of image moderation APIs available on the internet and their characteristics. 
We will get to know how they work, which are the most popular and, importantly, what kind of content they allow to filter. 
But more than that, we will also offer you a list of the best and most efficient options for developers in PHP. 
This programming language was chosen for its simple syntax, as well as for its popularity and stability, since it is one of the most common web programming languages. 
PHP may be used to generate dynamic content on numerous websites and applications through the implementation of some level of interactivity.
That is why, filtering images is not only a way to detect explicit content but also to prevent dangerous or violent ones from appearing on the internet or social networks.  This is especially important when considering websites intended for children or for general public access. 
As we have seen, PHP is one of the best programming languages for developing these kinds of APIs, since it has a wide range of possibilities with simple codes and a large number of libraries that simplify its development.  On the other hand, if you want to try one of these products for free, we have prepared for you a list with four products that allow you to do it without paying anything! 

Image Moderation API 

Image Moderation API allows you to filter any type of user-submitted images. It can detect if there is any explicit content in an image submitted by users of your application. It automatically detects nudity, gore, violence and other offensive content types at scale within a URL-encoded link array passed as a parameter. 
You should register first so that you can use it! You will receive a personal API access key, which is a special string that grants you access to our API endpoint. Simply provide your bearer token to the authorization header to verify with the Image Moder
Be able to recognize any weapon in an image you pass to this API.

You can check Weapons Detection – Image Moderation API for free here.

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