Best Is There An API To Parse SEC Filings On EDGAR In JSON

At first, let’s start with understanding the EDGAR system. What Is The EDGAR System? EDGAR is the acronym of Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, which is a program of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It provides companies with a single interface through which they can file documents with the Commission as well as submit documents to investors. These are annual reports (10-K), quarterly reports (10-Q), registration statements (S-1) and amendments (8-K), and filings of amendments of shareholder changes. In this way, they can comply with all the legal regulations. -But why is it called an electronic filing system? The technology has evolved and the SEC now supports online submissions of documents. These are stored on a database for review and analysis by both companies and Commission staff. -What is the primary benefit? The main benefit of the electronic filing system is time saving for SEC staff because all documents are submitted at once for review instead of in batches over several days or weeks when paper submissions were required. Moreover, it provides better accessibility to companies as well as investors. -How does it work? The SEC has developed an online portal called Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR), which allows companies to submit forms electronically. After reviewing the submission, SEC employees will determine whether it can be published without any additional edits. If so, it will be posted to the public website in a few hours; if not, the company has a certain amount of time to make any necessary edits before the filing is publicly available to investors… And Now About EDGAR Filings In JSON Let’s Talk About JSON It is an open standard format that enables data exchange between software components regardless of programming language or platform. In this way, JavaScript programs can obtain data in a format that they understand easily by referencing JSON files. Filings in JSON format are ideal for applications that need to integrate SEC data into their databases. They contain a collection of records on financial transactions from various companies and industries. These records provide specific details about each transaction such as parties involved, number of shares bought or sold, transaction type (purchase/sale), trade date, price, etc., in addition to economic indicators like financial metrics or analysis of operating performance… Is There An API To Parse SEC Filings On EDGAR In JSON? There is an API for that! We have found SEC filings JSON
This API will provide all the SEC filings based on their stock codes or Central Index Key.

You can check SEC Filings API for free here.

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