Best Is There An API To Parse SEC Filings On EDGAR In PHP

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SEC Filings are daily operations of most of the companies worldwide. These filings are essential for the Investment Community because they allow the following to get a glimpse of the company activity.
These can be considered as a chronology of the events that occurred to a company. From key moments such as the appointment of new members in the Board, to key business strategies and financial results. By analyzing SEC filings, investors get an idea of whether or not they should invest in a specific firm.
Most of these documents offer a lot of information about the company and can be used to make various kinds of comparisons across different companies and time periods. Also, these filings have a huge impact on stock market movements. Because of the consequences they have on company stocks, they are a common target for short-term traders and market makers who try to make money by predicting how they will affect prices. 
Understanding SEC Filings is an important practice for investors who want to be informed about their portfolio, as well as upcoming trends in the market. If you want to parse SEC filings with PHP you need to implement an API and this is where we`ll introduce you to another essential tool that will boost your investigative practices.
Do you know that there’s an API available on EDGAR which allows you to get all the SEC filings? Well, yes! It’s called EDGAR Web APIs and it uses the open RDFa format. And what’s even better is that it also allows you to parse these filings in PHP!
This could be great news for you but also for your business and investigative practices as a whole! If you don’t know yet, this programming language has been used extensively throughout the Internet and is one of the most popular languages in use today. This is due to its ability to be used on almost every computer platform and its ease of use by non-technical people.   
This API will provide all the SEC filings based on their stock codes or Central Index Key.

You can check SEC Filings API for free here.

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