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The text to speech API converts the text you submit into an audio file.

You can use this API to create a web portal or a mobile application that allows users to listen to articles, books, or other written material.
You will need to create the texts, convert them into audio files, and publish them on your website or mobile application so that users can access them. Since this API allows you to pick the voice you want for your text, you can choose one that fits your brand identity.
You can make your content more enjoyable and engaging by using this API. This API is good for creating documentation or content that needs to be spoken in a clear voice. It is also useful for creating podcasts where you have the audio files ready but need the text to be spoken in a particular way.Converting text to audio is an easy task with this AWS Text-to-Speech API!
The AWS Text-to-Speech API allows you to generate audio from text by using voice commands. The generated speech can be played as is or converted into actual voice recordings! You only need to provide the text and let the AWS service do the rest! You can use it in PHP scripts, web applications, or anywhere else on the web you need speech. The Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) has all of the features you need to customize speeches for your app or website, including intonation, stress, pronunciation, and more!
How does this text reader work? It is quite simple! To begin with, if you want to convert a text into an audio file you must log in to the Amazon Web Services website. You can do this using an email address and a password that you choose personally. Once you are logged in, click on the Services menu item and then click on the Text-to-Speech menu item. Then, click Create New Application. Now you will have to give your application a name; don’t forget that it must be unique! In addition, make sure you fill out every field with correct information because your application won’t work if any of these fields are missing or have incorrect information! Last but not least, go to your application page and get your access key! You can use it immediately; there are no extra steps required. You will find it at the bottom of your application page on the Test tab; there will be a section called Test Voices which will include a
Text to Speech API with realistic voices and SSML support.

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