Best Openfigi Exchange Codes API In JSON

The FIGI codes are widely used when investing in indexed funds or when managing a pension fund.
When creating a portfolio, it is important that the asset manager be able to identify the security and its type. This is because these codes will be used in different tables and calculations.

OpenFIGI Exchange Codes API In JSON: Use Cases

A user can see the most important information about the securities integrated into an indexed fund by using the FIGI codes.
After selecting the security, the investor will be able to see the asset type, its ticker, its ISIN code, and the exchange where it is traded. FIGI codes will also be useful for other purposes, such as tracking all the purchases and sales of a security as well as, among other things, checking whether a transaction has been executed at current market prices.
By starting to use FIGI codes, asset managers will save time in their daily work. They will not have to check each security one by one but they will retrieve all of them with just a few lines of code. FIGI codes will also make it easier to create investment portfolios because they are already provided with all the information needed in an accessible and usable form.
Now that you’re aware of all these benefits, you should know that this information can be accessed just by using an API. OpenFIGI Exchange Codes API is one of the best solutions out there in JSON. It’s really helpful and unique for a lot of people who wants to manage their finances with more efficient ways. Keep reading if you’re interested in knowing more about this tool and employing it for your needs!

About OpenFIGI Exchange Codes API In JSON

OpenFIGI Exchange Codes API is an application programming interface that works with JSON data. It gives you access to the FIGI codes of any security from anywhere in the world using just an ISIN number! You may get accurate and detailed information on each of these assets through this API. This means that you will get information such as its type, ticker, and details on its exchange.
Simply inputting your information and waiting a few seconds is all that’s required to get the answers you need! This API has been designed to save you time while also improving your financial knowledge! It’s great for people who want to create portfolios since they can get all their information in one place by just providing their ISIN code.
Be able to retrieve all the FIGIs codes related to any security based on its ISIN code.

You can check Get FIGIs Numbers by ISIN Codes API for free here.

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