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Product categories and classifications are an essential part of marketing and merchandising. They lay the foundation for effective product categorization, which has a tremendous impact on your business. It helps you sell more goods and generate more income.
Product collectives allow buyers to easily browse, find, and purchase desired items. Product classification is also more beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). It helps you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. This will lead to more traffic and sales for your store or website.
Product collectives provide sellers with another benefit. They help them identify items that are not selling well or need improvements. You can then remove or change the product category to make it more appealing to customers.
There are a variety of strategies for establishing product categories or product classification. The most frequently used techniques include cluster analysis, market-basket analysis, profit analysis, and customer behavior patterns.
This classification can quickly be done with the help of an application programming interface (API). An API is a set of clear guidelines and standards that software can follow to receive input requests and send outputs in a variety of forms.
B2B stands for business-to-business and refers to the business relationship between two companies, where one company (the buyer) buys goods or services from another (the provider). Its main aim is to advise you on the best product classification API available on the market that will generate the greatest benefits for your B2B company.
You may add these features by analyzing sales data, customer transactions, requests for quotation (RFQ), customer demographics, catalog preferences, catalog/product gap analysis, exit patterns, etc. It will also help you determine whether any changes need to be made to your assortment based on these findings. _________________________________________

Product Categorization API:

This Product Categorization API is a good tool to have a large catalog at your disposal. The product classifications will allow you to have different subcategories of products by which you will get more visibility in searches performed by users in
Be able to determine a category for any of your products. Have a better product organization based on these product categories.

You can check Product Categorization API for free here.

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