Best Product Classification API In Goland

If you’re a developer of a commerce platform. You may know that sometimes it can be hard to classify your products. Especially when you have a big catalog of products. These are some reasons why you should use a product classification API in your next enhancement or development.
Classifying products can be a difficult task. You must understand how customers see and use your products. In addition, to understanding what makes your products unique and special. In this way, establishing new product categories based on this information is easier. This is good for your business since it will help you to categorize and present them in your e-commerce more easily for clients. And for this, we recommend you to use an API that can help you with this job.

What Is An API?

An Application Programming Interface is an interface that allows us to communicate with external software systems or with our own software systems in order to request and receive data from them. In addition, these are tools that have their own infrastructure, databases and software environment where they process requests from users and return or retrieve data.  In this case we want an API that can classify products.
Based on the number of queries and items in your catalog, these APIs range from free to paid plans. You can choose the one that better fits your needs and price limit, but don’t worry! Some of them are free, so they can help you out of the box!

Product Taxonomy API

With this Product taxonomy API you will be able to classify all of your products automatically in only one click. You will be able to group them based on their name or even their features! The customer searching easier and faster will be possible thanks to this API because it will organize the products better than how they were before receiving the API response.  It’s useful for any type of e-commerce with a large catalog of products but also for internal applications where you need to classify items by a category or a tag.
You only need the name of the product and its SKU/identifier for this API to show
Be able to determine a category for any of your products. Have a better product organization based on these product categories.

You can check Product Categorization API for free here.

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