Best Traffic Flow API In NodeJS

It is a useful tool for companies looking to optimize their commute, but also for people who have to daily travel through large cities. 
This API transmits in NodeJS an object that includes the number of incidents, lanes blocked, and many other kinds of information. You can get this data by signing up and then you can test it with the traffic incidents API. 
There are several ways to implement this API in your system. It supports Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby as well. Also, for better performance and optimization, you can use AWS or cloud services. 
This API will provide you with new insights into the road network! And will help create better strategies in relation to your business. 

Haystack Traffic Data API

By using Haystack Traffic Data API you can receive real-time traffic information based on GPS data provided by Haystack. This API provides data by city, state, or zip code. You will receive information about road conditions such as whether they are clear or congested; and you will also receive information about speed of traffic flow. It also has a possibility to filter on a specific route. You can also receive detailed information about accidents. 
This API will provide you with precise guidance that is based on the latest data about road conditions and travel times. And it will help you plan ahead for better and safer journeys. 
Haystack Traffic Data API coverage is nationwide and includes real-time traffic updates from over 4000 sites across USA and Canada, as well as historical traffic data going back to 2009. Offering comprehensive coverage of all major major highways and arterials in the United States and Canada. 
Moreover, the platform is scalable – you can add more users or additional features as your traffic grows; and all plans are no contracts – you can cancel anytime! 

Why NodeJS?

This API will provide real-time traffic incidents reported by the department of transportation. Constantly uploading new cities.

You can check Traffic Incident Report API for free here.

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