Best Way To Use A How Do I Validate My Crypto Wallet Address API In 2022

Getting started in the crypto space is simply as buying a coin or two, getting a wallet on your smartphone, and start up with a little investment. The real thing is when you want to sell it, that’s another story. To be able to sell your coins, you must be sure that you own the wallet from where you are sending the coins and the destination address is correct. 
In 2022, this can be checked in advance with an API. These are software that allows you to scan for errors and alert about them. The most important error when talking about cryptocurrencies is when a wallet address is not valid. That’s why we strongly recommend to use a validation API before sending your cryptos to another address. 
When sending money to another wallet, you are required to input the receiver’s address as well as your signature. It’s the hash that is generated using the sender’s address, transaction nonce, and the amount sent. And once your transaction has been signed by your private key and broadcasted to the network, there is no way to change the destination or amount of your transaction without generating a new signature. That’s why you need to validate if the public key provided by the sender is correct and belongs to them. 
The public keys linked to each wallet are visible on the blockchain since they are its equivalents. However, since they were generated randomly using specific mathematical parameters, there is no way of knowing if they belong to someone until you check with a validator tool like APIs. 
Validation of cryptocurrency addresses can be done just by entering them into an API and then receiving the response in the form of “valid” or “invalid”. In no time at all, this can help save time and money! By doing so, you will be able to know if you can trust people who want to send you crypto or if your transactions have been successful or have failed due to mistakes in inputting data. 

What Should Be The Best Way To Use An API?

A site called Zyla Labs offers an API for verifying cryptographic addresses called Address Validator API. You can use it without having to pay any fees in 2022 if you provide an address and receive a response with “valid” or “invalid” information in addition to the country of the address in question. 

You will be able to know if an address provided by

Be able to verify if a given wallet address is valid with this API. Support for more than 15 chains.

You can check Crypto Wallet Address Validator API for free here.

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