Best Website Carbon Calculator API For B2B Companies

Are you a B2B company and want to calculate your carbon footprint? Then, this article will be very useful for you. 

What Is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere as a result of human activity and can be calculated according to the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted. The main activities that cause high levels of emissions are the burning of fossil fuels, industrial processes, and agriculture.
The countries with high emissions usually result from consumerism and materialism, which are at higher levels in developed countries. However, in the last decades, developing countries have also been increasing their emissions. For example Asia’s emissions have been in constant growth. 
Having a high level of emissions means that the country or region has a negative impact on the environment. In addition to having an impact on climate change, this can also cause local damage such as smog or acid rain. 
These are examples of what are known as upstream emissions, which are generated by activities or processes far away from our own daily activities. On the other hand, the ones that we can affect ourself are downstream emissions. This is usually related to transport and logistics activity. 
For this reason, B2B companies must take into account all this information to be able to calculate their carbon footprint to determine opportunities for investment and eco-innovation that can reduce their emissions and also achieve a positive impact on the environment in general.  

Use an API

The best option is an API that allows you to calculate these emissions in seconds and add them to your digital platforms or applications so that your customers can know about the environmental impact that your products or services are generating on the environment at all times.
This is why we recommend using a calculator API where you can calculate not only your own carbon footprint but also those of your suppliers and customers. These type of APIs are extremely useful for B2B companies who want to involve all their supply chains in their sustainability plans without wasting time manually calculating all these GHGs. 
Carbon Cost API allows you to easily calculate your own carbon footprint just by inputting data such as location, name
All in one API to calculate your carbon footprint.

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