Best What Does Business API Mean In Javascript

What are the most common uses cases of this API?

This API is ideal for any user who wants to build an application or a website that allows its users to search for a specific business by location.
Also, you will have access to different types of information about the company, such as: its name, address and phone number. You can also look up specific companies by category or keyword and get extra data on them like their website, email, and other information.

Why should I use this API?  

What are the most common errors/failures?  

Undefined error when attempting to access the API endpoint. This can mean that the API key is not properly set up. Try re-authenticating with the Business Directory Search API using your bearer token in order to resolve this issue.  
If you get a HTTP status code  400 error, this means that something went wrong while sending your request to the Business Directory Search API server. Check to make sure you entered the correct API endpoint and that you are sending the request in the correct format.  

What platforms are supported by this API?  

The JavaScript library is what makes this API stand out from the rest because it allows you to make calls to our RESTful API on any platform (such as HTML5). You can also use it with Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a computer with access to Javascript libraries.  

Can I use this API from my mobile phone? 

Our RESTful JSON library makes it possible for you to call our APIs from any mobile device. Just remember that if you want to use other features like geolocation or the authentication flow, you’ll need to use an emulator.  
What are the most common mistakes developers make when using your business directory? What would you recommend instead?  
One mistake is not understanding what data they need beforehand and then being unable to collect it afterwards due to time constraints or lack of manpower. If someone came up with an idea for a new tool or app but didn’t know where to start
Search businesses based on your queries and required location, and receive a list of businesses that match that search. Also, get additional information like phone number, address, business name and categories, website, emails, and more.

You can check Local Business Data API for free here.

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