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QR codes are quite popular. They are a type of barcode that contains all the information of a URL. These are becoming more popular because they provide a very simple way to interact with a brand.
They can be found on almost any product, the appendix of the screen and even on the street. However, some creators have had problems and have not been able to generate their own QR codes, especially those that are personalized.

What are personalized QR codes?

They are QR codes specifically designed for each brand according to their own tastes and needs. They can take different shapes, they can be in different colors, they can fit perfectly in the smallest detail of a product, but they must always contain the link to the page or product that you want to promote. As we said before, creating them is not always easy because it can take some time and effort, especially if you have to do it for several brands.
Fortunately, there is an API that simplifies that work for you and you will be able to create as many personalized QR codes as you want in just seconds. What is this API?
What API Can I Use To Create Personalized QR Codes?
The best API in this sense is the URL decoder API. This tool is extremely useful, and allows you to decode an URL and get information about it, including where it leads and what type of link it is.
It also allows you to generate your own personalized QR codes with your brand logo or any other design that you think is suitable for your products. You can also change some parameters such as the size, or use a certain color scheme. 
This API will also help you to generate several QR codes at the same time, which will allow your team to work on them quickly. And don’t worry, it’s very simple to use and its response is immediate so you won’t waste any time trying to figure out how it works. 
This tool is available only in certain plans, but if you need more capacity, don’t worry. It offers cheaper options so that everyone can access it without having to pay a fortune for something like this! 

How Does This API Work?

Once you have signed up and have obtained your personal API key (which only each user can), you will have access to its endpoints. There are three different endpoints available: decode(), encode() and scan(). 

The first one will allow you

Create personalized QR codes for your business with ease.

You can check QR Codes Generator API for free here.

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