Best What Is India 6 Digit PIN Code API In PHP

In PHP, we use the API to get the postal code for a certain city. We will use the latitude and longitude of the city to retrieve this information. Additionally, we will use PHP to access the RESTful API.

What is PHP?

The programming language PHP is used to create dynamic websites, including content management systems like WordPress, as well as server-side applications like Facebook and Twitter. PHP is often used in combination with other languages like HTML and CSS for web development, but also to create desktop applications and software for mobile devices.
How To Get India 6 Digit PIN Code Using The PHP API
We will use the latitude and longtitude of the city to retrieve this information. In addition to using PHP to gain access from a RESTful API.
We will do this by using the City Details API which has an India option. We can select it under Asia or Asia/India then select State from the dropdown menu for state-level data or district if we want regional data. Also, we can enter a postal code here if we have it at hand or we can enter the name of the city or district
Retrieve relevant information for a given Pin Code in India. Get PostOffice name, State name, and City name.

You can check Get Details by Pin Code India API for free here.

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