Best What Is The Use Of Age And Gender Detection API In Javascript

What Is Image Moderation?

Furthermore, it protects minors from exposure to offensive imagery and violence. This feature prevents unpleasant advertising from appearing on websites or blogs by ensuring advertisements will not feature adult-related products or services. Hence, image moderation automation software filters any image that is inappropriate to be shown in public places such as offices, classrooms, and libraries. 

What Is An API And What Is Its Use?

Nowadays, developers prefer using JavaScript as it is easy-to-understand, simple to write and edit, and runs on almost all computer systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). One API that has recently gained popularity among developers is the Age Gender Detect API. 

What Is Age And Gender Detection API?

The Age Gender Detect API is a well-known tool that focuses on providing information about age and gender using just an image URL as input data. This API works in JSON format so you do not need to worry about learning a new language to use it! If you want to try it out just register first at ZylaAPIHub and subscribe to this API using the endpoints
Detect the estimated person’s age in a given image. Also, detect its gender. Ideal to sort and verify images.

You can check Age and Gender Detector API for free here.

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