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Annoying. Annoying. VIXie does not want to break out of the downtrend. So today at 16.6. It could be. But that has also been the case for the past 3 days. We are reading this chip shortage more and more, in the sense that it will have more and more consequences, also for Apple. Contracts expire once and you immediately see the impact. We see this everywhere. Raw materials are now really more expensive and that hurts everywhere.
Australia did well with a drop overnight. But South Korea and Taiwan refuse to cooperate. They are encapsulated. So we have to wait there for the down move. Brazil bounced back a bit. But boy oh boy it really isn't going well there. Samba crisis squared that will be.
Lower yields. So lower financials. At least that relationship is still ongoing. Those who authorize BNP Paribas to approve 900 million euros in share buybacks should punish them. With such ratios, they fall over in less favorable times. Well don't fall over, they should save a share issue. They better do that now.
Tesla $1,2000 per share. Phew. Bacon buyers there. For a company that generates more and more sales, but profits don't get mega. That's because loss turns into a little bit of gain. In short, the move is there. But not to mega profits. Tesla is not Apple, not Microsoft, not Nvidia and not Alphabet. It remains a car builder, ok, a modern car builder, but the margins remain for a car builder. Nevertheless, it remains impressive what Muskito has achieved, especially because he has faced heavy opposition on all sides. But stock valuers in Tesla are anticipating a lot of music. For now the music is cool and good. We are waiting for a reversal in Tesla. Yesterday after the opening it looked like it, but that was the signal to go up 100 dollars.
Futures are mixed. Bland Tuesday. Fixed week? Or Shaky Week? FED, Bank of Ukkie, American monthly figures. Everyone is featured. The Australian Central Bank will continue to taper until March 2022. Australian banks are going to fall. The house prices there are huge. Even a pint of beer is huge in price there.
Do you think the Netherlands is full? Look at Tokyo. It's full. The Netherlands is far from being. This is what Asian conglomerates look like.
Did I read somewhere that the American coal industry will be almost completely sold out in 2022. You are doing well with your environmental objectives. It is understandable, because we are already short of electricity in certain countries and prices in other countries are rising sharply. So that mix is temporarily not the right mix.
It's a bit of a mess in the stock market. Little green futures, little red futures. Some numbers here and there. We don't want to hear it yet. Times are getting shorter. It will again be a 'fight' for money and above all it will be a 'fight' for dollars again. So we automatically get countries that are in dollar distress again. Short of workers everywhere. A group of 70+ unvaccinated people are holding up all over the country. And kick all unvaccinated people off their jobs. That's good, we are already being overstrained, let alone if a 10% drops out. Then we need extra help, but that extra help will soon be provided by a 10% smaller part. In short, more squeezing everywhere. It would have been better to increase more time in ICs. Trilloins are flying around our ears everywhere, but expanding a few hundred IC with training in one and a half years is not possible. Remarkable. In any case, those trillions or dollars are going in a different direction than the direction where the priority should be 1.
Did Amazon go down yesterday? Well. What do you want with such mediocre figures! And an even mediocre forecast for this quarter. What are they doing there that they report and expect such mediocre figures. Apple heading for a final top quarter. After that it gets more and more interesting for them. Ratios continue the road to weaknesses. And the excess cash position is there, but no longer to announce exuberant expansions.
The bells on the world wide stock exchanges are getting bigger and bigger. and that means that if there's a big drop, then there's going to be a really big drop. A 40% drop can happen according to the horn and is even plausible. 50% is not excluded. That too can have the bells on the stock exchanges. First put more red prices on the boards and a higher VIX, otherwise we will be happy to honk on the stock exchanges.

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