Buying an iPhone cheaply on eBay: You should keep these three tips in mind

Everyone probably knows the online marketplace eBay. Less well known, however, is the eBay Re-Store – this is an area where you can find used products. Compared to eBay classifieds, however, you get much more security when buying used. Because all devices that you buy here are checked beforehand for their functionality and repaired if necessary. The promise therefore also applies to iPhone purchases. We have put together a few tips for you on how to get an iPhone at a particularly low price.

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Buy an older iPhone model and save even more

First, you should consider whether you really need the latest from the latest or whether an older iPhone model will do. What sounds obvious at first can be really worthwhile. And an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 should still be sufficient for the majority of users today. Thanks to Apple's long update promises, you'll be well served with an older model for the next few years.
However, the device should not be too old, otherwise at some point it may no longer receive updates or some apps will no longer run on it. The battery could then also have been damaged too much. If you buy a refurbished – i.e. completely overhauled – iPhone in the Re-Store, this cannot happen to you. Because here the battery performance of the devices is guaranteed to be at least 80 percent.

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Observe article conditions

Secondly, you can buy your iPhone even cheaper if you pay attention to the current state of use. For refurbished products, the conditions are divided into four categories: good, very good, excellent and certified. All are checked, cleaned and fully functional. iPhones in good or very good condition are usually cheaper, while excellent or certified phones will cost you a bit more. Certified refurbished products are in like-new condition. Here you will find no to very little signs of use. A refurbished iPhone in "good" condition, on the other hand, may show stronger signs of wear.
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Here you should therefore decide what is more important to you. Would you prefer to spend very little money and use your smartphone with a case that covers all signs of use anyway? Then you can also resort to a worse state. But if you want your iPhone to be scratch-free, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Buy iPhone in unpopular colors

And thirdly, it is often worth comparing the prices of iPhones of different colors in the eBay re-store. For example, Apple cell phones in yellow or red are less popular than white or black models. This is where you can save some money from time to time. The same argument applies to this tip as to the item conditions: If you use your iPhone with a case anyway, you will no longer see the original color anyway.
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Save up to ten percent in the eBay Re-Store

Currently and only until June 15th you can save up to 10 percent in the Re-Store with the voucher code "PROMORESTORE". Among them are also some offers for iPhones. For example, you can currently get a refurbished iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 13 Mini cheaper with the discount code 50 euros. We have more information and bargain tips for vouchers on eBay for you here.

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