Call of Duty: From now on, Snoop Dogg will also shoot

Snoop Dogg is a true legend. He revolutionized gangsta rap in the 1990s and quickly became a West Coast cultural icon. The rapper is now 50 years old and is expanding his influence outside of the music industry.
At first glance, Snoop Dogg may hardly fit into the world of CoD, but be prepared, he has it all.

Call of Duty Snoop Dogg Bundle

The “Tracer Pack: Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle” can be purchased by players for 2400 CoD Points. In real money, this is about 20 euros. Snoop Dogg is included in the bundle as an operator and also behaves like similar characters in the game. He can therefore advance through the levels and thus always unlocks new features. Unlockable features include, for example, various sprays, an emblem and a variety of funny sayings.
Call of Duty: Warzone – This game is coming to your mobile soon
The bundle also brings four new challenges, all of which bring you Operator XP. You can use this to level up your new character a little. Of course, a good pack shouldn't be without new weapons either. The bundle comes with three legendary new weapons, all of which use so-called Green Weed Tracer Rounds as ammunition. In the Activision trailer you can see Snoop Dogg in action and also preview some of the new voice lines. You can also see the new weapons here before you buy them. The new weapons are a sniper called "Bong Ripper", an assault rifle "West Coast Bling" and an SMG called "Tha Shiznit".

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The contents of the pack don't differ much depending on whether you're playing Vanguard or Warzone. The only difference is that Vanguard players get an extra match intro and an exclusive MVP highlight. Otherwise, the two bundles are congruent in terms of their content. You can download Call of Duty: Warzone for free from the official website.

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