CeresAward 2022: The finalists in the pig farmer category

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Uwe Bräunig, agricultural today

On Wednesday, 06.07.2022 – 05:00

These three farmers have been shortlisted for the CeresAward 2022 in the pig farmer category.
It's that time again this fall. Then it will be clear which of the 30 finalists of the CeresAward will win the coveted title of Farmer of the Year 2022.
The jury, consisting of representatives from companies and associations as well as editors from agrarheute, is currently working at full speed, visiting the finalists on their farms, putting them to the test and checking whether the applications deliver what they promise. The following farmers are the finalists in the Pig Farmers category:

Manfred Aue from Fürstenzell

Pioneer of feed fermentation

Wouter Uwland from Gimritz

Savior of the Leicoma pigs

Wouter Uwland is a pig farmer through and through. The special feature: The 37-year-old Dutchman, who runs a farm with 260 sows and 1,400 fattening places in Gimritz near Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt, has dedicated himself to the breeding and preservation of Leicoma pigs. The pig breed bred in the former GDR is now threatened with extinction and has found its "savior" in Wouter Uwland. The young farmer appreciates the good meat quality of the Leicomas, which are characterized by a high proportion of intramuscular fat and thus a special taste. He markets the slaughter pigs with his own vehicles 100 percent directly to butchers and in his own farm shop.
Andreas Sprengel from Bad Gandersheim (Lower Saxony)

From the straw barn to the farm café

Andreas Sprengel is an all-rounder. The 50-year-old farmer from Bad Gandersheim in Lower Saxony, west of the Harz Mountains, not only keeps 410 sows and 3,000 fattening pigs in a closed system. He also processes some of the pigs ready for slaughter in his own slaughterhouse into meat and sausage products for the farm shop with attached farm café. The operation with arable farming and biogas plant works according to the cycle principle. For example, the liquid manure is fed into the biogas plant via a pipe system. The electricity and heat produced here is used in the stables and residential buildings. Andreas Spengel follows a strict animal welfare concept. The pigs have an intact curly tail and live in an outdoor climate stall with constant access to straw and other rooting and play materials.
CeresAward 2021: These are Germany's best farmers


Anne Fritz

Maren Jänsch, a farmer from Eldagsen, is the winner in the "Entrepreneur" category.


Felix Pitscheneder

Bernhard Hänni, farmer from Noflen in Switzerland, is the winner in the “organic farmer” category.



Jochen Buß, a farmer from Odenbach in Rhineland-Palatinate, is the winner in the “Agricultural Farmer” category.



Johannes Müller, farmer from Göttingen in Lower Saxony, is the winner in the "Young Farmer" category.

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