Check This Google API To Validate Email Address For Your Company

Any email address, whether it is for a person or a business, can be verified by using this API. If you are having trouble reaching the correct email address to contact a customer, use this API to retrieve the correct email address.  You can also learn more about your potential customers by doing this because it will tell you what type of device they are using.  This API will tell you whether the email address is valid or not and it will provide additional information about the domain, such as its reputation score and time to live.

Use email verifier API to make sure your emails reach your users

Using this API, you may ensure that any messages you send reach your intended recipients by verifying the email addresses in your database before sending. Additionally, you may avoid delivering any messages to deceased or erroneous email addresses by filtering them out ahead of time.

Additionally, prevent any emails from bouncing (undeliverable emails) by validating the email addresses in your database before sending. As well as 2-step verification, using them or giving them out is protecting against fraud or misuse.

How to approach email verifier API?

You should always validate an email address if you’re giving it out or using it for login purposes. You may either manually check each one or automatically verify them using an API. Here at Zyla API Hub we provide you with our most recent tool: Email Verifier API.

When someone registers for an account on your website, for example, they must enter their email address. This address must be accurate because it will be used for password recovery and other processes that require authentication.

While entering fake information may seem easy to accomplish, many businesses are employing identity verification APIs to prevent spoofing as a result of mass registration attempts from robots.

What about backend services?

These APIs verify the domain of any email address and obtain information about it, such as the Reputation Score and Time to Live.

What are this API’s most common uses?


This API will validate the domain of any email that is trying to login into your application and run a test to verify its safety.

You can check Email Risk Verification API for free here.

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