Check This What Is The UV Index And Why This Important To Include In A Forecast API For Your Company

It uses forecasted data depending on your location so you can plan ahead and devise strategies to avoid harm to your people when intense UV conditions are approaching.
This API is also useful for businesses and other institutions that want to protect their workers from the damaging rays of the sun. By including the forecasted UV index in their forecasts, they can plan how to avoid high-risk situations.

What is the UV index?

The UV Index is a rating of ultraviolet radiation intensity on a scale of 0 to 11+. 11+ indicates extreme risk. The index is designed to be used as a daily gauge of UV conditions and as a guide for limiting exposure to the sun. The higher the UV Index, the more protection you need. It is not a measurement of visible light or infrared light, or a description of cloud cover. UV Index on a clear-sky day is lower than on an overcast-sky day, even if the sky is blue and the clouds are white.

How do I know if it’s safe to be outside?

This API will retrieve the UV (Ultra Violet) index for any location in the world you want in real-time and also forecasted.

You can check UV Index Real-Time and Forecasted API for free here.

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